Nine Democrat Governors Pressure Biden and Congress to Address Border Crisis

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is leading a group of other Democrat governors in putting pressure on Joe Biden and Congress to do something about the Biden border crisis. Nothing like an election year convert, right?


Hochul was a vocal advocate for her state’s sanctuary state status and cheered New York City’s right to shelter legislation. Then illegal aliens from Texas began to show up and suddenly the narrative has changed. Those sent to New York are but a drop in the bucket to the numbers that Texas is dealing with. The governors are even describing the results of the surge of illegal immigrants at the border as a humanitarian crisis. Welcome to the party, pals.

It’s an election year and the feeble old man who appeased the far left and opened the southern border on his very first day in the White House to prove he is not Donald Trump wants to be re-elected. He has denied the border is open and ignored the situation as long as possible. He took one quick trip to an area in the El Paso area that was sanitized before his arrival but that is the only time he has ever been to the border. Unreal.

The governors want “a serious commitment” from Biden to overhaul the immigration system, including “federal coordination on a strategy to relieve pressure on the southern and northern borders, as well as for more funds for states.” Mostly, they want money. It’s the same answer Biden gives when a reporter asks about securing the southern border. Biden says he delivered legislation to reform the immigration system when he came into office. It went nowhere because it first and foremost puts blanket amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens already here. Republicans are not going to agree to that, especially Republicans who remember how Democrats went back on their deal with Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. So, Biden passes his self-made catastrophe on Republicans. A more recent effort from the Biden administration was dead on arrival, too.


“It is clear our national immigration system is outdated and unprepared to respond to this unprecedented global migration,” reads the letter, which is signed by Ms. Hochul and the governors of Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Maryland.

Last year, President Biden proposed a $106 billion package that included aid to states and localities as well as more funding for border security and deportations, along with aid to Ukraine. But like so many other immigration-related proposals of the past, his effort failed to garner the bipartisan support necessary to pass a divided Congress.

Sorry, governor. We were told that sanctuary cities and states were well-prepared to support anyone, regardless of legal status. Enjoy your new residents.

Hochul is a big time supporter of Biden and her silence was deafening as the Biden border crisis began and grew to the point it is now. She was too spineless to lobby for action to secure the border. Her reaction has been in stark contrast to New York City Mayor Eric Adams who began daily press conferences demanding federal funds as soon as the first bus from Texas arrived. Funny, he never said a peep as long as it was DHS bussing illegals into the city. It only began when Governor Abbott took him up on his offer to support illegal aliens. He’s been complaining ever since. He blames Abbott for his troubles rather than admit he was wrong about the whole sanctuary city thing.


Look at the other governors who signed on to Hochul’s letter. What a bunch of hypocrites, especially the Governor of Illinois. The others from Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Maryland should all be mocked, too.

In their letter, which was shared with The New York Times, the Democrats seemed to acknowledge the political risk of bringing attention to the immigration issue during a presidential election year, especially since former President Donald J. Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, made it a signature of his agenda.

And while the Democrats said that the Biden administration has made “important progress” on the issue, they nonetheless say the need for federal assistance is dire.

“With ongoing conflicts around the world, global migration is at a historic high,” the letter reads. “States and cities cannot indefinitely respond to the subsequent strain on state and local resources without congressional action.”

Yes, the influx of millions of illegal immigrants into communities creates great stress on everything – all the social services, housing, medical care, and education to name some areas. Why was this a surprise to anyone? Did the sanctuary city and state rubes not realize what all it takes to support those with nothing but the clothes on their back?

Cry me a river. No sympathy for these governors. They ran on this and they can deal with it. Until voters wise up and see the damage Democrats have done to this country, nothing will change. Biden’s minions may tout progress in immigration matters but I’d like to know what they are. There hasn’t been progress. The numbers of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border continues to increase. The Biden administration is fighting Texas in court to stop any measures the state is using to secure the border with Mexico. Governor Abbott is doing the job Biden refuses to do and he’s being punished for it.


As a side note, to show that the number of illegal immigrants crossing at the southern border has increased, not decreased. We can simply look at the December numbers from DHS. Oh, wait. It’s January 23 and December numbers still haven’t been released. They will be an all-time high and look for the report to be in a Friday late afternoon news dump.



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