CNN Exit Polls Show the Stunning Difference Between Who Voted for Trump and Haley in ‘GOP’ Primary

We finally know the result of the New Hampshire primary. They just called it for former President Donald Trump, who won, as anticipated. We’ll have to wait a little bit to see what the final count is. 


As we reported, Haley had said that she wouldn’t be dropping out even if she lost when she was on Fox earlier in the day on Tuesday. In fact, she had a contentious interview where she accused them of being for Trump and said that she was going to stay in. It remains to be seen if she holds to that as we get closer to the South Carolina primary and the final numbers from New Hampshire might factor into her decision. One would think she wouldn’t want to be embarrassed, but if it’s close enough (whatever that might be), she might convince herself she has a chance. 


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Now the exit polls are out, and CNN is reporting a fascinating difference between who voted for Trump and who voted for Haley. 


Trump has 70 percent registered Republicans, 27 percent undeclareds. 

Haley is the reverse — her voters are 70 percent undeclareds and 27 percent Republicans. In the GOP primary. 

Here’s a sample of a guy saying he made a strategic vote for Haley, though he wouldn’t vote for her in the general, and you can tell from what he says he’s on the left.

He did it deliberately to ding Trump and cast a vote for “democracy.” The MSNBC interviewer said that was certainly emblematic of conversations that he had throughout the day. So that bears out the tactic going on here.  

If we want to get a sense of how many may have done this, the undeclareds here in a “GOP” primary are perhaps instructive. This seems to me like a huge amount of undeclared people, so obviously more confirmation of the tactic MSNBC was seeing. 


A memo implied that the Haley team were exploiting this strategy, as we noted, to rely on open primaries and undeclared voters in the future, as they did in New Hampshire. 



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