Alphabet Ideology Propaganda Begins at the Ultrasound Now

Alphabet ideologists want to begin educating parents to dismiss sexual differentiation at the first ultrasound so they don’t start thinking that their son or daughter is a boy or a girl.


That is the message from Michelle Forcier, who famously asked Matt Walsh whether a chicken could cry.

No, I am not kidding. Her explanation for why human beings are not sexually differentiated is that we can cry and chickens cannot.

As a Planned Parenthood abortionist and gender specialist, I have to applaud her for not going straight to advocating for the murder of the preborn baby. Yet, she retains her anti-natal inclination by suggesting the possibility of sterilizing the child. She is happy as long as she can prevent the birth of children in some manner or another.

Michelle Forcier popped up on my radar screen when I watched “What is a Woman,” which I believe is one of the most important films of this decade. She helped seal the deal with a friend of mine, who dismissed gender ideology as an important phenomenon until he watched the film with me.

He then realized these people were insane.


Unfortunately, a person like Forcier can be embraced by Brown University as an expert, and until recently, these nutcases owned the ideological playing field.

In a way, I hope that doctors embrace her suggestion that parents should be educated in alphabet ideology as they discover the wonder of their child’s development. 99% would recoil and run to find another doctor. At least, I hope so. It would put in stark relief the gap between what our medical institutions are teaching and what the rest of us know to be true.

It would expose them for what they are, and the flood of patients to more sane doctors would empower them to speak up, which all too few are brave enough to do.

Medical institutions may either have embraced or been cowed into mouthing alphabet ideology, but losing patients and money would provide them more than adequate reason to rethink their rush to the Left.

Most people don’t follow these issues closely, so they think that it affects a few children with actual gender dysphoria. They may feel uncomfortable with the direction of things but rightly understand that obscure and complicated conditions are beyond their ken.

But once they see that this is being pushed on almost literally every child, including their own unborn child–they will rebel and do so quickly.


Stay away from the kids! Especially MY kid.

The genius of Matt Walsh’s film was that he let the alphabet mafia speak for themselves rather than ranting against their idiocy. If it becomes a he said/she said argument, people tend to defer to the people they think are the most compassionate. If you let the crazies have their say people start waking up.

That’s why whistleblower documents and videos are so powerful. They speak for themselves.

After these videos came out, Tennessee passed a law banning “gender-affirming care” for minors.



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