8-Year-Old Girl Talks About ‘Amazing’ Moment Jason Kelce Picked Her Up To See Taylor Swift | The Daily Wire

A young Buffalo Bills fan detailed the “amazing” moment when Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce picked her up to see Taylor Swift at the game on Sunday.

Jason — who showed up in New York to cheer on his brother Travis Kelce and the Chiefs as they took on the Bills in the AFC Divisional Playoff game — made headlines after videos surfaced on social media showing him jumping out of the stadium box suite and into the stands to lift up a young girl on his shoulder so she could wave at Swift, who was there to cheer on Travis.

During her appearance on News 10 on Tuesday, Ella Piazza, 8, said she’s been a Swiftie since she “was about 5. I like her personality and how she sings. And when I heard that she was going to the Bills game I thought, ‘Yeah! Buffalo Bills plus Taylor Swift equals best first game ever!’”

Ella and her mom weren’t initially seated next to the box suite, but were able to change seats at halftime thanks to a friend. It was then they were seated right below the box where Kelce and Swift were watching the game.

“Jason drank his beer and then he opened up the window,” Ella told the outlet. “He climbed out of the suite and gave the girl next to us a photo and then he said [to me] ‘Let’s show Taylor this sign.’” 

“Taylor smiled,” Ella added, showing the outlet how the singer excitedly waved at her. “She was so happy and she did like this with her hand.”


 Piazza said afterwards she was crying tears of joy. “Like oh my goodness. I feel like shocked and happy at the same time.”

Piazza later went on the “Today” show and also talked about the whole experience and said that “Jason went out of the suite … and then (he) came over here and then he picked me up and then I saw Taylor. It was, like, amazing.”

 Ella said she then got to show her sign to the superstar singer that read, “Buffalo Bills + Taylor Swift Best First Game Ever!!”

 Piazza’s mom Jessica gushed on the morning show about how kind Travis’ brother was for what he did for her little girl.

“He was so kind to her,” Jessica told “Today.” “And I was just so thankful that he gave her the chance to see Taylor because she was — she was standing up there at the top of the bleachers with her sign just waiting and hoping and so brave — she climbed all the way to the top.”

The Eagles’ player- who has three little girls with wife Kylie Kelce-basically stole the show on Sunday with his various shirtless escapades from cheering in the suit and jumping out of the box and slamming beers with fans to helping the young Swift fan see Taylor.



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