Terf Battle: Portland Police Allow Trantifa to Brutalize Real Women

I really don’t understand why anyone bothers with Portland anymore. It’s become a well-heeled American version of Thunderdome, where screaming, foaming-at-the-mouth feral inmates rule a brutalist landscape. There has to be an overwhelming sense of menace hanging over every move in the area. I don’t know how you live like that. To the outsider looking in, it seems as if anyone who wants to express an opinion not approved by the radicals running the streets mobs runs the very real risk of bodily injury. If one has a meeting or, God forbid, a larger gathering that doesn’t hit the threshold for approval of all the competing, sociopathic interests monitoring every social media platform for just such an opportunity, then hordes of gibbering, black-masked, violent goons come swinging out of their slimy holes prepared to mete out physical punishment.


It has to be terrifying to be a sane person in that place.

Take, for instance, yesterday.

For several weeks, a WOMEN’S advocacy group – the American chapter of Women’s Declaration International – has been planning an event at the Hollywood branch of the Multnomah County library.

WDI could be characterized as pretty left-leaning and woke themselves. But it’s their founding “Declaration” that is problematic for the uber virtue-signalers and grievance merchants of what increasingly appears to be the mainstream Progressive movement. Let me share a couple of the stickier points from their declaration:

1. Women’s Rights Are Based On Their Sex

Sex is the physical and biological characteristics that distinguish males from females. Women and girls’ rights should be based on sex, not “gender identity”.

2. Motherhood Is An Exclusively Female Status

Maternal rights and services are based on women’s unique, sex-based capacity to gestate and give birth to children. These rights and services, and the word “mother” itself should stay reserved for persons of the female sex.

4. Freedom Of Opinion And Expression

Women have the right to hold opinions without interference. This should include the right to hold and express opinions about ‘gender identity’ without being subject to harassment, prosecution or punishment.

5. Peaceful Assembly And Association

Women have a right to peaceful assembly and a freedom of association. This should include the right to assemble and associate based on their sex. Lesbians should have a right to assemble and associate on the basis of their sexual orientation. Women’s assemblies and associations should not have to include men who claim to have female ‘gender identities’.

7. Participation In Sports And Physical Education

Women and girls are objectively physically different from men and boys in ways other than reproductive capacity. For women and girls to have equitable opportunities in sports, certain sports activities must remain single-sex.

9. Protection Of The Rights Of The Child

Children should receive accurate information about human biology and reproduction, and not gender stereotyping through their education. Children should not be subjected to the use of drugs and surgery for ‘gender reassignment.’


You can see where the radicals in the alphabet soup sex cult have a hard time with this group. They repudiate everything the LGBQT agenda is actively agitating for, from NO MALE will EVER be a woman, EVER birth a child, should EVER be on a girl’s sport’s team, and keep your damn hands off our kids. Unambiguous and to the gender cult, unacceptable. They must be crushed.

As such, even with a relatively smallish following in the US on X – less than 9K followers – they are perceived as a threat to gender activists because they organize events, educate women, and bring like minded souls together. Awareness and the courage engendered by knowing others feel as strongly as you do is Kryptonite to the gender identity cause. Witness Riley Gaines for a huge example of what awareness does. Likewise, the tremendous blowback from the outrage at her treatment builds momentum against them.

When trans activists and their shock troops in Portland got word that this little group of women was going to do a small event at the library, they immediately started organizing, and it wasn’t a counter -protest. It was threatened violence from the very beginning. There is no middle ground.

Isn’t that cute?

The “trans-eliminationists” hyperbole merchants went into overdrive whipping their mentally challenged minions into a spittle-flecked rage.

Screencap Rose City Antifa

Somehow Trantifa even managed to find out where event organizers were staying – how horrifying is that? The women organizing the event woke up to vandalized cars.


Word started shifting from the library as the day wore on. At first, the event was as scheduled. Then the event was still on, but they were closing the library to everyone else just in case. And then the women moved the event outside on the curb because the threats became too much, and they were worried for the library staff’s safety.

Update: November 19, 12 pm

After library leadership conferred with Multnomah County security, Portland Police Bureau, and organizers, event organizers have chosen to hold their activity outside of the library. Hollywood Library will resume normal operations tomorrow. Because this is not a library program we have no other information regarding this event.

Again. This is just a group of ladies advocating for protecting children from irreparable harm and women’s rights. WOMEN’S rights.

So, of course, plenty of so-called MEN


…showed up to intimidate, and bellow the most vile things while thumping on them. All in the name of “trans,” as if that justifies every fist raised in anger against someone who is standing on a sidewalk.

Four of the women wound up in the ER being unable to see from what this local Antifa member describes as “just orange juice, lol.”

They were also physically assaulted with spray paint and “pies,” knocked down, punched in the face, glasses stomped. One poor older lady who was not even associated with the event was shoved to ground by these rabid animals. In many of the videos you can hear men – bystanders, I’m assuming – shouting “JUST STOP HITTING PEOPLE!” But to no avail.

The ladies’ videos are compromised by the fact they’re being bowled over and trying to protect themselves as they’re filming. Antifa is always thoughtful enough, like Hamas and their sister organizations, to document everything so they can gloat when they get home.

Women in a peaceful, permitted gathering on a sidewalk. Viciously attacked.

Portland’s WRETCHED uniformed officers? Repeated calls for help?

Nowhere to be found.

They came later. “Took reports.”


This after the event had already been moved outside because of threats of violence – including guns – to begin with, and after “library leadership conferred with Multnomah County security, Portland Police Bureau.” And there still was NO POLICE PRESENCE.

What a disgrace.

Antifa and the prog shock troops just change their signs for the beat-down of the day. They have no “cause” but the thrill of street violence itself. If they’re really lucky there’s a confrontation with cops, and they shout a couple “Eff Yous” and run like hell. Then back tomorrow. Trans today, Hamas tomorrow, another police shooting when there’s nothing better to wild about – no devoted cause but destruction.

Mayor Ted Wheeler and the Portland PD let them terrorize at will.

How do they live with themselves?

How does anyone live there?



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