WATCH: Unseen Footage of Doctors Who Treated JFK Destroys ANOTHER Key Government Narrative Regarding His Assassination | The Gateway Pundit | by Cullen Linebarger

Credit: the Daily Mail/ Channel 5 UK

The Gateway Pundit reported two months that 88-year-old John F. Kennedy assassination witness Paul Landis gave an exclusive interview where he exposed the Warren Commission’s “magic bullet theory” as a lie. Now another key part of the official story regarding the 35th president’s death has fallen apart thanks to first hand accounts of seven doctors who tried to save his life at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.

The Daily Mail on Sunday shared exclusive footage from a documentary airing Sunday evening in the United Kingdom called JFK Assassination: What Happened in the Trauma Room? which show these interviews. The medics first spoke out in 2013 but the interviews were kept hidden until now as the Mail notes so the filmmaker, Jacque Leuth, could interview Jim Jenkins, the only surviving member of the JFK autopsy team. She was able to do so in 2021.

The Warren Commission investigation concluded concluded that Kennedy was shot from behind by Lee Harvey Oswald after his motorcade passed the Texas School Book Depository, where the alleged assassin was an employee.

The report elaborates that Oswald acted alone and fired from a sixth floor window of the depository. The doctors say this government narrative is not possible based on science.

They based their conclusions off the extent of JFK’s horrifying injuries and the fact the bullet appeared to enter the FRONT of JFK’s head.

Dr. Robert McClelland, who died aged 89 in 2019 and was the assistant professor of surgery at the hospital in 1963,
stated bluntly there was more than one shooter and alleged a probable conspiracy to cover up the real truth.

In all probability there was a conspiracy. There was more than one shooter.


Dr Ronald Jones, who served as a senior doctor at Parkland also disputed the official government narrative.

The issue in retrospect is if Oswald was in the sixth floor depository, how could he have been shot from the front then? And so was there more than assailant?

Dr Joe Goldstrich, who was a fourth-year medical student at the time of the assassination noted this probable medical impossibility as well: “How could a gunshot from the rear peel the scalp from the front back?”

The late Dr. Kenneth Salyer, who passed away in 2020, served as a first-year resident at the hospital at the time of the shooting, got a look at the autopsy pictures and alarm bells started going off.

When I saw the autopsy pictures, I thought somebody had tampered with the whole thing and it made me very suspicious.

Dr Lawrence Klein, who was in his third year at medical school, had distinct memories of being in the operating room where doctors were desperately trying to save the president’s life. He said he knew the official story of the assassination was a lie.

Dr. Malcolm Perry and Dr. Charles Baxter had just walked into that room ahead of me and Dr Perry was standing on the right side of the cart the President was lying on. Dr Baxter was on the left side.

It was a lie, they really didn’t tell the truth about it.

America will never know the real truth regarding JFK’s assassination until all of the files are released. That is assuming some have not already been destroyed.



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