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I greatly admire former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. He is my idea of a great public official. Appearing on Fox News Sunday this morning (video below), he nailed each response to the questions posed by Shannon Bream. At one point, Bream asked him (her question begins at 3:35 of the video):

You’ve seen the data. You’ve served on the job. We keep hearing about what a problem the border is. This administration has talked about the possibility that it is very attractive to terrorists [it has???]. We talked to Senator Coons [earlier in the show] about the fact that there are millions of people here — we don’t know who they are or where they are. Is that something that keeps you up at night? How worried should be be, because new polling shows that Americans are worried about Islamic terrorist attacks on US soil…

Secretary Pompeo’s response perfectly addressed the substance of the question posed in terms of the madness underlying the Biden administration’s open borders program (at 4:05 of the video). However, I would like to revise and extend his answer (this is me tacking on a comment to Secretary Pompeo’s response):

Shannon, it’s funny you should ask about whether it keeps me up at night. As a matter of fact, the Islamic Republic of Iran is trying to kill me personally. I try not to let it bother me, but you can be sure it bothers my wife and our son. You asked another question more or less raising the possibility that senior Biden administration officials have been compromised by the Islamic Republic of Iran and I am seriously concerned that at least one of them remains in office. So even though it doesn’t necessarily keep me up at night, I do have a personal stake in the Biden administration’s failure to do its job at the border.

See the Axios story on the Iranian bounty on Pompeo’s head here and the Hill story on the Iranian efforts to murder Pompeo here.



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