The Trash May Be Gone in SF, But the Trashy Still Live There

Well isn’t this special?

Gavin Newsom and London Breed, Mayor of San Francisco, went to great trouble to clean up the trash (and excrement) on San Francisco’s streets, and somehow move along the homeless folks who were doing the trashing.


Newsom admitted they did this to “impress the neighbors,” meaning that the residents of San Francisco may not be good enough to live in a clean and safe city, but when foreigners like Xi Jinping come to visit for the APEC summit the city needs to look nice and tidy.

Unfortunately for Newsom, Breed, and an unfortunate TV crew from the Czech Republic, there is one kind of trash the city was unable to clear out: those criminals who terrorize the city but who don’t use up all their ill-gotten gains on drugs, allowing to live a bit better than those who are nothing but street dwellers.

This version of trash has been left on the streets by the Leftist “justice” system that tolerates all sorts of crime, especially robbery and theft. And these trashy folks decided that the Czech news crew was a nice target for some easy cash.

Journalists from a Czech Republic public television, who were in the Bay Area on assignment, were robbed of some of their equipment on Sunday evening while recording near the famed City Lights bookstore, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The San Francisco Police Department confirmed it is investigating an armed robbery of a production team at 4:56 p.m. in the area of Broadway and Columbus Avenue.

According to officers, a vehicle stopped on the street, and three armed men with firearms exited the car and approached the group. The suspects demanded their production equipment, and the victims complied.

The suspects returned to their vehicle and fled, police said.

While the police department did not confirm that the victims were journalists, reporter Bohumil Vostal of Czech television station ČT24 said he was among those robbed.


To add insult to injury, the armed robbers not only took the very expensive equipment the crew was using but also the footage that they shot that entire day, robbing them of the ability to do their jobs entirely.

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit is supposed to showcase San Francisco as the lovely city that it could be if only it were governed by responsible adults. Newsom and Breed have been trying to make the city look good for their transnational elite friends, but have so far only managed to show how uncaring they are about their own citizens, whom they leave living in a sea of human feces and surrounded by bums and criminals most of the time.

They got rid of the trash, and hid the bums, but couldn’t actually get rid of the criminals because they are everywhere these days in the City by the Bay.

Bay Area television stations often send armed guards with reporters and photographers as a security measure while covering local news.

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in San Francisco has drawn world leaders, CEOs, and journalists from around the globe, with an estimated 20,000 attendees.

It’s sad because San Francisco has so much potential. Infuriating, because the politicians clearly don’t care about the quality of life for their citizens.


And it’s embarrassing because they still can’t provide public safety.



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