Snowflakes in Wisconsin Town Banish Christmas Colors, Decorations at City Hall

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin is a town of about 48,000 people. City officials are telling city employees at municipal offices and who decorate public spaces to skip using red and green decorations. Employees are urged to choose more ‘neutral and inclusive’ decorations.


It begins. Every year we read reports about city officials who received one too many participation trophies as a child who want no one ever to be offended about anything. In this case, some Wauwatosa officials have decided to throw their small town into the spotlight with its war on Christmas decorations. You can’t make this stuff up.

I find it hard to believe that snowflakes are willing to go on record voicing disapproval over red and green decorations at Christmastime. The city workers were issued decorating guidelines on how to decorate without offending people via email by Deputy City Administrator Melissa Cantarero Weiss. City Administrator James Archambo approved the instructions.

To be more inclusive, the email suggested that winter-themed decorations be used, such as snowflakes or snow people (not snowmen) in neutral colors. And, definitely no religious decorations.

Weiss explained how with the approaching holiday season, she and Archambo wanted people to contemplate their commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.

The email noted how current Christmas decorations, especially red and green colors, are already widespread in public counters at City Hall and potentially other buildings.

But Weiss believes changing the color of holiday lights will help foster a more equitable and inclusive community.

Weiss emphasized the importance of being considerate in decorating public spaces during the season.

Departments have also been asked to not use religious decorations associated solely with Christmas.


Used without red, green makes the approved list of decoration colors. The other colors are blue and purple. Wait, though. Blue is used for Hanukkah decorations. Is this just to shut out a Christian holiday that became a federal holiday or is it to keep a separation between church and the city government? City workers are being encouraged to feature displays of the northern lights. It’s pretty hard to airbrush religion out of a religious holiday. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, not a ‘snow person’ or a penguin.

Critics asked if this is a proper use of time for city hall when the community has other problems to deal with. Others noted that even the far-left progressive Biden White House participates in the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony.

Weiss wants to foster a “more equitable and inclusive community” and believes changing the color of holiday lights will help. Neither she nor Archambo are elected. Weiss noted in the email that December is busy at city hall. Residents are paying property taxes in person, for example, which increases foot traffic. More people to be offended, I suppose.


Wauwatosa’s mayor sent out an email to the Common Council, confirming the legitimacy of the Weiss email on Saturday. He blamed press reports of the email from Weiss for his office receiving “a score of emails” from people, many not residents of Wauwatosa. He said the press reports were meant to cause controversy. It wasn’t fake news, though.

It’s almost Thanksgiving. It must be time to start the war on Christmas stories. Weiss wants inclusivity but not for Christians, is that the message?



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