MUST SEE: Kari Lake DESTROYS Nasty Trump Hating Trolls From Showtime’s The Circus Who Swear at Her for Final Episode of Canceled Show – “Answer The F*cking Question!” (FULL INTERVIEW) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jordan Conradson

US Senate candidate and GOP celebrity Kari Lake was recently ambushed by two vulgar political hacks who regularly troll conservatives on the campaign trail and at political events.

“Answer the f*cking question!” demanded John Heilemann of Showtime’s The Circus. Tim Miller is then seen in the next cut, seemingly trying to push a narrative that Kari Lake is vying for Trump’s favor and VP choice.

Kari Lake recently announced her 2024 bid for the US Senate. It would appear from personal conversations and her demeanor that being Trump’s VP preference is the last thing on her mind.

Here is a little bit about these two leftwing tools:

John Heilemann, who hurled the f-word at Kari Lake, is a radical anti-Trump MSNBC commentator who has a history of pushing Hillary Clinton’s Russiagate conspiracy theory but now claims people like Kari Lake and Trump are “election deniers.”

Tim Miller, is a former Jeb Bush underling and advisor to anti-Trump Super PAC Our Principles, who once said he wants to “blow up all the Trump buildings” and erase President Trump from America’s memory, “Men In Black style.”

This is not the first time that Kari Lake has faced off against a beta-male potty mouth reporter. As The Gateway Pundit reported, crybaby Brahm Resnik of 12 News Arizona got schooled one too many times by Kari Lake and started swearing at her with young children in the audience at her press conference.

These people are worse than Katie Hobbs, who told The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson to “give it a f*cking rest” when confronted with respectful questions at the gym.

We’ve never told anybody to “answer our f*cking question.” Still, we are accused by election officials and their spokespersons of being too hostile and aggressive in our reporting or not “following the process.”

These people are often go into the Mar-a-Lago and other conservative venues to troll events. Yet, they’ve gotten airtime with the same election officials in Maricopa County who have a history of stonewalling our publication, claiming we are too biased or that we don’t avoid conflicts of interest. Meanwhile, The Gateway Pundit sometimes needs to sue the government to get access to press conferences.

Sadly, the show is ending after airing the final episode tonight. This may be the last Kari Lake makes a mockery of these guys.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

Showtime is pulling down its Circus tent.

The Nov. 12 episode of The Circus, the political docu-series fronted by John Heilemann, Mark McKinnon and Jennifer Palmieri, will be the show’s last. Launched in 2016 to follow that year’s presidential campaign, The Circus ran for eight seasons and 130 episodes as it chronicled the ins and outs of the Trump administration, the 2020 presidential campaign and election and the current Biden administration

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Kari Lake demolished Tim Miller and his skateboarder clothing earlier this year after he tried to tell her the GOP should ignore fraudulent elections and “change the strategy.”  “You’re 41, and you dress like a 13-year-old,” Lake said in response to the assertion that she lost the election and should give up. Why should Lake and her voters forget the fact that 60% of machines failed on election day in Arizona’s largest county, and her opponent oversaw the disaster that suppressed conservative voters?

EPIC: Kari Lake DESTROYS Never-Trump Leftist Showtime Hack Troll Who Refuses To Acknowledge Election Fraud (VIDEO)

Miller made it known to Kari that he dressed nicer this time, telling her, “You did intimidate me into changing.” “I’m curious about the [women’s] pearl necklace,” Kari responded when asked for her opinion and continued, “I prefer stronger men.”

What is a man anyway?

Still, his and John Heilemann’s manners are worse than those of a 13-year-old. This is no way for a man – especially a reporter – to treat a woman he is attempting to interview.

Lake posted an epic teaser of the interview on X on Friday and later posted the full interview on Sunday.

Watch the teaser and full interview below:

Lake: What do you need to feel okay with this?

Heilemann: I need to ensure you to answer the f*cking question when you’re asked a direct question! Just answer the question! It’s a simple factual question; Steve answered it.

The longer version of the extremely biased interview shows events leading up to Heilemann cursing out Kari Lake. After lying about what Steve Bannon said, according to Steve, Heilemann repeatedly interrupted Kari with the same question while not even letting her answer! He was trying to goad her into disavowing her own voter base, but Kari wouldn’t fall for it. So, he got angry and ran away.

“After eight times to get you to answer a very simple, direct question, and you won’t answer it,” Heilemann said after refusing to hear an answer and storming off the set.

Miller later joined in on the indecency, telling Lake that her efforts to fight the stolen 2022 election and her view that the 2020 election was stolen are “bullsh*t.”

What is wrong with these people?




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