How Bad is it in Chicago? Illegal Aliens are Returning Home to Venezuela

You know things are not going well when illegal aliens from Venezuela request that they be given plane tickets back to Venezuela. They want to go back home rather than stay in Chicago, where they originally requested to go.


That’s right. Illegal aliens have become accustomed to major cities providing plane or bus tickets to other destinations. For example, Denver has spent $4.5 million transporting more than 12,000 migrants out-of-state over the last year.

“We say, ‘where do you want to go?’ and then we buy them a ticket, usually by bus, and get them on their way,” says Jon Ewing, a spokesperson for Denver Human Services.

He provided a spreadsheet showing the city has transported migrants to virtually every major city in the country over the last year. It’s not only sent them to big cities but smaller ones like Wilson, North Carolina. Most of them have gone to Chicago, New York, and Salt Lake City. It’s also sent several hundred migrants to Texas, which has bused 6,600 migrants to Colorado since May according to Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

“We feel that it’s the right thing to do to get them to where they actually want to be,” says Ewing. “If you looked at it in crude financial terms, meaning, if they stayed here for a few weeks and didn’t even want to be here, then we’d be paying to support and shelter them here and they didn’t even want to be here.”

Funny, when Texas sends buses of illegal aliens to the cities they request to go, it’s called political stunts and abuse toward them. They are given a choice of destinations and voluntarily get on buses to go.

For Venezuelans moving to Chicago, things haven’t gone as smoothly as they thought. Expecting a free ride, so to speak, hasn’t always worked out for them.


The Chicago Tribune reported on the account of Michael Castejon, who migrated with his wife and stepdaughter from Venezuela to find a better life. However, after several months, the family suffered from homelessness, a lack of job opportunities, and no access to better education. By early November, they had requested tickets back to their home country.

“The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore,” Castejon said. “There’s nothing here for us.”

The assumption that citizens of foreign countries can illegally invade the United States and then expect to achieve the American Dream is arrogant and unrealistic from the beginning. The American Dream is fading for many Americans post-pandemic thanks to Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies. Don’t expect middle-class and lower-class American workers to be too upset to hear that illegal aliens are having a tough time trying to take advantage of American generosity.

In Chicago, there is also the matter of winter weather. It is bone-chilling cold in the Windy City during the winter months. The illegal aliens from Venezuela who are homeless or in tents want to leave the cold weather.

Homeless illegal aliens in tents were under the impression that they would be granted asylum right away and are finding that making a new life is hard. Some illegal aliens say that they were misled and believed that they would receive work permits and jobs in America. The resources in Chicago are quickly depleting and that is a factor, too. Mayor Johnson requested $5B from the Biden administration, along with other big city mayors, but that isn’t happening.


Chicago city officials claim that 19,000 illegal aliens have come to Chicago since August 2022. There are about 68,000 Chicago citizens who are homeless. The situation has gotten so bad that Chicago residents are demanding that its sanctuary city status be ended. Vacant buildings, airport terminals, and police stations house illegal aliens. Many end up on the street. The city is putting up large winterized tents in parking lots.

Last week a new federal assistance program began that allows 150 illegal aliens a day to apply for work authorizations. It is a partnership between federal, state, and city governments that is supposed to speed up the process to get permits. Programs like this are why illegal aliens assume they will be able to work without difficulty. They are incentivized to come. The solution is not to make the process easier for them. Instead of the federal government throwing money at the problem, the southern border should be closed and those illegally crossing into the United States in search of jobs and financial benefits should be turned around and sent back to their home countries.

Do the Venezuelans want to return home? That works.



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