First Photos of Cocaine Found at Biden White House Released | The Gateway Pundit | by Cristina Laila

First photos of the 2 grams of cocaine found at the Biden White House over the summer were released in response to a FOIA request filed by The Daily Mail.

The Secret Service concluded its investigation into the cocaine scandal that rocked the White House in July.

Surprise, surprise! No suspect was identified.

According to CNN, the cocaine was “found in a blind spot for surveillance cameras.”

No fingerprints, DNA samples, or leads!

A baggy of cocaine was discovered in the West Wing after Hunter Biden visited the White House in early July.

At first, it was reported that the cocaine was found in the Library.

Then it was reported the cocaine was stashed in a “cubby” in a storage facility in the West Wing.

The Biden White House fiercely worked to cover up the scandal.

According to Susan Katz Keating, an award-winning writer and investigative journalist who has covered military, defense, and security issues, the cocaine found at the White House belonged to someone within the Biden family orbit.

The cocaine was found in locker number 50, according to the first photos released to The Daily Mail.

Excerpt from The Daily Mail:

Photos of cocaine found in a phone locker in President Joe Biden’s White House this summer can be revealed by for the first time.

The Secret Service included images of the bag of white powder that was found in a cubby hole used to store personal belongings near the White House’s West Executive entrance in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

Cocaine was found on Sunday, July 2 while the Biden family – including son Hunter – was spending the weekend away at Camp David ahead of the Fourth of July holiday.

The discovery prompted an evacuation of the West Wing and street closures surrounding the White House and then triggered an 11-day investigation once the substance was identified as the illicit drug.

Documents obtained by DailyMail.con also show the Deputy Director of the FBI was involved in the investigation, which clouded the Biden administration in scandal this summer.



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