A Young Man Died Defending His Smaller Friend From a Pack of Thugs

I never heard a word about it until this weekend when I was doing our Headline section.

And then I just saw a video – a God awful video that, as a mother, about made me ill I was so angry. But there wasn’t much to be found of the story, even when folks in the comments went looking.


Was it because they were all teenagers?

A Las Vegas teen has died after he was beaten by a group of bullies for coming to the defense of a “smaller” friend who was thrown into a trash can, the student’s grieving dad said.

Jonathan Lewis, a 17-year-old student at Rancho High School, died last Tuesday — less than two weeks after he was savagely beaten by a mob of 15 kids, his father, also named Jonathan Lewis, confirmed to 8 News Now on Thursday.

“One of his smaller friends had something stolen by this group of 15, and they threw the small boy in the trash can, and our son confronted them and he was attacked,” according to a GoFundMe page set up by his family.

Alarming footage from the Nov. 1 attack — only blocks from Lewis’ high school — shows the teen confronting one of the alleged bullies before throwing a punch.

It is such a horrific, beastial thing. Tears my heart out and it is all on video.

…Seconds later, the mob of violent kids swarmed Lewis and began hitting and kicking the outnumbered teen repeatedly in the head as he lay defenseless on the ground.

A second, extended video of the heartless beatdown shows one of Lewis’ friends rushing to help as the violent bullies swarm around him.

The unidentified friend is seen frantically trying to rip away the 15 attackers before receiving a harsh blow to the back of the skull — forcing him to retreat from the madness for his own safety.

Some of the bullies attacking Lewis are then seen chasing his friend and punching him in the head until he falls to the ground.

Before the video cuts out, up to five of the bullies are seen surrounding Lewis’ friend as he tries to get back up, delivering a flurry of severe kicks and punches.


Somehow young Jonathan’s father is hoping these pack animals find forgiveness in their hearts. I would have nothing but vengeance in mine for them, and whatever “parent” could raise such an inhuman, bloodthirsty, mindless killer. One who could participate without question in doing something so sickening and senseless to my precious child.

I guarantee, they would have to worry about me for the rest of their unnatural lives.

“I hope there’s a way that can find forgiveness in their heart and find a way to be able to come to terms with what they’ve done,” his father said.

Lewis Sr currently lives in Texas and his son was living with his mother.

“I just love my children with all my heart, and it’s just unimaginable that we could ever come to this point,” Lewis said.

Lewis added that he kept his son on life support for several days trying to save him, however, his injuries were too severe and he did not make it.

Yeah, no. There’s no quarter in my heart for such actions – no “stupid” or “underprivileged youth” excuse covers kicking a skull in. Beating on a prostrate body. Going fifteen to one against anybody.


There is no quarter in my heart for the media, either, who are out to protect the murderous band. They are going out of their way – from local to national news – not to report the entire story.

Call me cynical, but perhaps it’s because the 17 year old loyal friend who passed away from injuries suffered during a vicious, unhinged mob attack was a skinny white kid…and the marauding horde of FIFTEEN thugs were all black?

You’d have not a clue from any news outlet, print or on air.

Please enjoy these snippets of the report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal and tell me if you have any idea, or can discern any description of the murderers.

A Las Vegas teenager beaten by a group of about 15 people near Rancho High School last week died on Tuesday, according to his father.

…The teen had been in a fight involving about 15 people and was taken to UMC while in critical condition, police said.

Police are working to identify who took part in the beating. No arrests were reported as of Friday.

…A video purporting to show the Nov. 1 fight circulated on social media this month. It appears to show a young male surrounded by a large group who push him into a fence, force him onto the ground and repeatedly strike him.

The Review-Journal could not verify when the video was filmed, but the attack appears to happen in a residential parking lot near where police said the teen was beaten.


Would you have a clue who it might have been, just in case you see someone matching their “description” on your street, if you lived near Vegas? It certainly would be a challenge.

In point of fact – to the utter disgrace of the LV Journal review – his death is the ONLY time Jonathan Lewis’ name makes his local paper. I guess black teenage gang stompings of skinny white kids are so common, they aren’t mentioned until the privileged youth up and dies.

Screencap Las Vegas Journal Review

Nowhere to be found.

Screencap Las Vegas Journal Review

The local Fox affiliate in Vegas seems to have an issue identifying the perpetrators, too. I can’t imagine why. Have they not seen the video? Their report sure sounds as if they did, and yet NOT ONE TIME does “black” rate a mention.

“Students.” “Attackers.”

Las Vegas teen beaten to death by mob of attackers outside of high school

A Las Vegas high school student died after he was severely beaten by a group of around 15 attackers.

Jonathan Lewis, a 17-year-old student of Rancho High School, died Tuesday, less than two weeks after an attack by the group of students outside the school, according to a KLAS report.

Again, a quick search of the station website reveals no mention of Jonathan’s name until his demise.

WHY?! He was mercilessly beaten into life support two weeks prior.


I guess it wasn’t an event worth noting.

And why is taking the Las Vegas Metro Police more than two weeks to “investigate” something they have video evidence of the crime as it happens, not to mention the poor little guy who Jonathan was trying to protect when he was gang jumped. Unless, understandably, the little guy is in fear of his life. Lord knows what his phone looks like message and threats-wise.

But that fact remains that a sweet young man did something tremendous, paid for it with his life at the hands of a merciless mob of soulless pack hunters, and no one heard anything about it – even in his own city. Until he died. His murderers are being protected by local and national media. Even the NY Post story I quote at the beginning NEVER USES THE WORD “BLACK” ONCE.

Not. Once.

If you’ll remember, Las Vegas is the same city where teens ride around and hit older white people on bicycles for giggles.

I guess they have to start somewhere.


Nice the mainstream media can give them cover during the learning curve.

Honestly – we don’t despise them near enough.



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