This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Anti-Semitism

The tide of anti-Semitism is not abating. To the contrary, it seems to be growing larger by the day, and it is fair to say that rather than a tide, a tsunami is the better imagery. Did everyone misjudge the latent anti-Semitism amongst us? I think not, because what we are seeing now differs from the old-timey anti-Semitism of the 20th century, which involved ugly, resentful stereotypes of Jews as rootless cosmopolitans, grasping financiers, or (for some medieval Christians) “Christ-killers.”

The primary charge against Jews and Israel right now emphasizes they are “settler colonialists”—an ideological construct that didn’t exist until the day before yesterday. This ought to be a very big “tell” of the insincerity and larger source of what is going on. In short, this is not your grandfather’s anti-Semitism. And because it is rooted in a broader progressive ideological banner, it effectively mobilizes a lot of terrible human beings who might not be sufficiently motivated by Jew-hatred alone.

One way to begin to understand this more clearly is to think about the popular meme that shows a glowering Trump (my favorite kind of Trump) with the legend, “It’s not me they’re after—it’s you. I’m just in the way.” We can paraphrase this by saying, “It’s not Israel we’re after—it’s the entire project of Western civilization. Israel is just in the way.” It is not for nothing that Iran, for example, has been calling the United States “the great Satan” for 40 years now. If they were to succeed in destroying Israel, we know who would be the next primary target.

John has already posted the video I include again at the end here because I want to add the question: If Israel/Gaza is the issue, then why are these protestors going to such trouble to take down the American flag?  (On Veteran’s Day, no less.) I think we all know why perfectly well.

Here’s more photo evidence, from a London protest:

That pretty much sums it all up. Again, this should not be a surprise—and isn’t to anyone who has been paying attention. Try out this older Tweet from the world opinions editor of the Washington Post:

So her current take is entirely predictable:

How does she still have a job at the Post (which is in the midst of large newsroom cuts to reduce Jeff Bezos’s losses on his vanity media project)?

Or these:

Just more reminders that the issue is not the issue.

Meanwhile, sensible Tweet of the day:

Exit question: Whatever happened to Progressive concern about “othering” people?



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