Netanyahu: Hamas Is Shooting At Palestinians Trying To Flee Gaza In Evacuation Zones | The Daily Wire

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed during an interview over the weekend that multiple reports that have emerged in recent weeks of Hamas shooting at Palestinians trying to flee Gaza were accurate.

Netanyahu made the remarks during a Sunday interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Dana Bash while documenting how Israel has worked tirelessly to open evacuation corridors allowing Palestinians to escape northern Gaza.

“Hamas is doing everything in their power to keep them in harm’s way,” he said, later adding: “It’s fired on the safe zone and the safe corridor that we enacted the other day to prevent Palestinians from leaving harm’s way.”

He called Hamas’ actions “savagery of the highest order,” saying that it was important that the U.S. and Europe assist Israel in its fight against Islamic terrorism before it spreads back into the Europe and the U.S.

“The Middle East will fall,” he said. “Europe is next. You will be next.”

When Bash confronted Netanyahu about civilians that have potentially been killed in Israel’s precision airstrikes inside Gaza, Netanyahu said that the country was doing everything in its power to minimize the loss of innocent life unlike Hamas, which invaded Israel last month and intentionally targeted civilians.

“The Allies were attacked by Hitler, and so they invaded France and then Germany,” Netanyahu said. “And when they did that, they went into the cities. They had to fight the German army that was often embedded in the cities, in civilian neighborhoods. And many civilians were killed.”

“So, who was the blame laid on? Did they say, ‘well, the Allies are wrong, the Allies should stop fighting?’” he continued. “Or did the say, ‘look, use forces judiciously as you can, but don’t give the Nazis any refuge, defeat the Nazis’, which is what we’re doing. We’re using force in the most judicious way, but we have to defeat these new Nazis. And we will, for our sake, for your sake too.”


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