Feds Focus on Eric Adams’ Texts to Turkish Consul General in Public Corruption Probe | The Gateway Pundit | by Cristina Laila

The feds are now focusing on text messages suggesting embattled NYC Mayor Eric Adams helped fast-track approvals from the city Buildings Department and Fire Department for the Turkish government’s headquarters in New York City, according to the New York Post.

The text messages in question are between Eric Adams, who at the time was Brooklyn borough president and Democrat Mayoral nominee, Turkish Consul General Reyhan Özgür, and then-FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro, the Post reported.

The FBI seized NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ cellphones and 2 iPads amid a federal corruption investigation related to his 2021 campaign.

Last Thursday, The Gateway Pundit reported that the FBI conducted a raid on the Brooklyn residence of Brianna Suggs, the chief fundraiser for New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

Brianna Suggs has been instrumental in raising funds for Adams’ campaigns, amassing over $2.5 million for his 2025 re-election bid, according to the Daily Mail.

The Feds raided Suggs’ home last week and came out with a cardboard box.

The search warrant revealed an investigation into potential straw donor schemes involving campaign donations from the Turkish government.

According to the New York Post, the feds are focusing on texts between Adams and the Turkish Consul General.

The New York Post reported:

Federal investigators probing Mayor Adams’ 2021 campaign are now zeroing in on a series of texts suggesting he helped fast-track the opening of the Turkish government’s new diplomatic headquarters in Manhattan, sources close to the case told The Post.

The September 2021 texts between Adams — who was then the Brooklyn borough president and Democratic mayoral nominee — and Turkish Consul General Reyhan Özgür and then-FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro were uncovered by FBI agents Monday after they seized Adams’ electronic devices.

The texts were described by sources to The Post.

Since Monday, the feds’ questions about the content on the devices – which included three cellphones and two iPads – have centered on these texts, sources said.

However, the messages don’t appear to show any criminal activity beyond typical outreach that elected officials do on behalf of constituents, according to several sources briefed on the matter.

In a Sept. 5, 2021, text, Özgür informed Adams that construction was recently completed on the new Turkevi Center diplomatic headquarters, located on 46th Street and First Avenue across the street from the United Nations building, sources said.



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