Man Who Murdered Jewish Protester a Pro-Hamas Professor

On Monday Paul Kessler, a pro-Israel protester, was struck in the mouth with a megaphone, fell to the ground, and eventually died.

He was waving an Israeli flag when a pro-Palestinian protester crossed the street, confronted him, and eventually struck him. It turns out that the man who did it was a computer science professor at a local college.


From what I can gather he was an adjunct who taught at a number of colleges, so I am leery of naming any particular one. It’s likely that none of them was deeply familiar with his political views, although he was not shy about posting them on social media. In the video above you can see him comparing Hamas to various civil rights leaders, and nobody who crosses the street with a megaphone to confront people is likely to be shy about sharing his views.

Still, I will give the colleges the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their being aware of the extremity of his views.

On the other hand, Loay Allnajo is clearly not lonely in his views, given what we have seen on college campuses. Everywhere we turn we see an outburst not just of skepticism toward Israel’s war in Gaza, but hatred for Israel, Israelis, and all Jews on and off college campuses.


This is the product of a number of factors all coming together. With young folks it is the result of decades of propaganda, all under the banner of critical theory and intersectionalism united as “DEI.” Then there is the massive influx of immigrants from the Middle East who have always been sympathetic to the Palestinian cause and have been given permission by the protests and the media coverage to express their rage.

And then there are the closet antisemites who need no longer be closeted. They are letting their freak flag fly.

If you think that all this will die down any time soon, I have news for you: it is much more likely to ramp up, especially in violence. In Montreal last night there were 4 shootings–an unusual occurrence there–and at least two were explicitly targeted at Jewish schools. Jews are getting assaulted regularly now, and antisemitic hate crimes are up 200% in New York City in one month. Attacks on Muslims? Barely budged.

The people tearing down the posters of hostages are unquestionably motivated by antisemitism because the hostages are about as pure a victim as you can find. Choosing to tear down the posters is an obvious endorsement of their continued torture in the tunnels of Hamas. They deserve their fate is the message.


Just look at the glee and/or rage shown by the barbarians tearing down the posters. It is sickening.

That college students and professors can openly support terrorism–the rape, murder, beheading, and kidnapping of children and other innocents–tells you that our culture has been descending into barbarism. The barbarism isn’t going to subside. It will get worse before it dies down.

I expect to see more and more clashes, more attacks on Jews and their places of worship, and more than a few murders. The Pogrom has begun right here in the “civilized” West.

Pro-Hamas students advertised a protest on the campus of McGill College in Canada–a premier institution–on the anniversary of Kristallnacht, using the image of breaking windows on their flyer. They actually were promoting the replay of one of the most notorious acts of the early Nazis.


In Paris, crowds on the subways are chanting about the Nazis, and Arabs are openly talking about how the continent is next.

More violence is coming. You can count on it. As with the George Floyd protests and the pogroms of old the wave of violence will pass, but we will be left with wreckage.



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