Ford Lays Off 600 Workers Just as UAW Strike Begins | The Gateway Pundit | by Mike LaChance

Members of the United Auto Workers Union have just kicked off a historic strike and there is already fallout.

Just as the strike was beginning, Ford laid off 600 workers. Will there be more before this is over?

All of this is unfolding as Biden and the Democrats are pushing the country towards electric cars, something the country is not ready for in terms of infrastructure.

Townhall reports:

Ford Lays Off 600 Workers Due to UAW Strike

Less than 24 hours after autoworkers at America’s Big 3 car manufacturers began a history-making strike, one automaker has taken action as a result of the work stoppages that followed a failure to negotiate a contract agreeable to the UAW and car companies.

Ford Motor Company announced Friday afternoon that roughly 600 employees were being laid off at a Michigan assembly plant — one being targeted with union picketers amid the strike — due to the interruption to the normal workflow caused by the worker walkout.

As CNBC explained of the news, the current UAW strike did not shut down the entire manufacturing and assembly process for Ford. There were still other parts of the process going on, even inside the plant currently surrounded by picketers, but because the still-running portion of the line relies on products and work by UAW members, the not-on-strike workers are unable to carry out their work — triggering the layoffs.

What’s more, the UAW strike could trigger additional layoffs in the days ahead elsewhere in the supply chain…

Watch the video report below:

It’s ironic, isn’t it? On Joe Biden’s watch, Hollywood and the UAW are on strike. Didn’t these unions support Biden in 2020?

Is this how they pictured the future? Are the heads of these unions happy with their decisions?



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