What Peter Strzok and Nicolle Wallace Say About FBI Unit to Protect Agents From Americans Is Astonishing

One of the things that has been most concerning about the weaponization of government has been the revelations from FBI whistleblowers revealing how political everything has become. 


Now, according to NBC, the FBI has created a standalone unit to deal with “threats and harassment by people who think they haven’t been tough enough on the president’s son.” 

They also talk about threats that have: 

coincided with attacks on the FBI and the Justice Department by congressional Republicans and former President Donald Trump, who have accused both agencies of participating in a conspiracy to subvert justice amid two federal indictments of Trump.

So, read that again. They’ve created a unit to investigate “threats,” and the media is attaching it to Republicans raising questions about the two-tier system of justice. Oh, that’s not going to be problematic at all, that doesn’t smack of further politicization at all. 

Now let’s listen to what MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and disgraced former FBI official Peter Strzok have to say about it. You know how off MSNBC is, to begin with, when they have such a character as Strzok on as any kind of authority on anything. Listen as they both try to blame Republicans and smear Republicans for the “threats.” Strzok blames House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan for mentioning the name of an “AUSA” involved in the matter.  


He claims it’s “getting worse behind the testimony of  senators and congressmen” and “it’s gotta stop.”  

So you shouldn’t have congressional oversight to investigate the politicization? You should have a faceless secret police who can’t be named or questioned — is that really what he’s saying? And now there’s a “unit” that will investigate the “threats.”  He doesn’t see the problem with what he’s saying — that they didn’t have such a unit before, even when dealing with things like Al Capone or organized crime families. Somehow now there’s a justification? He doesn’t want to ask why the American people now doubt the objectivity of the agency. 

Wallace then attacks Republicans for putting out disinformation for Russian troll farms in 2020. Can we talk about the boatload of disinformation spread by Democrats and on MSNBC over Russia collusion? She also claims you have Republicans “doing all of the mob-like threatening and intimidation and endangering of prosecutors; what do you need the Proud Boys for?” Please list the “threats.” Opening a well-deserved impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden and probing improper behavior by the FBI is not a “threat.”  New polling numbers show most Americans support the impeachment inquiry, so they know what’s going on. 

One also has to wonder if this freak-out from people like Strzok is because the investigations are hitting close to the mark. Many said that the FBI didn’t need a unit to protect them; the American people needed a unit to make sure that the law and the American people weren’t being wrongly targeted by those who are politicized in the FBI. 


Here’s what FBI whistleblower Steve Friend had to say about Strzok’s remark. 



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