What Democrat “compassion” looks like; it’s disgusting

The argument for our current border policy is that we are taking in refugees, not economic migrants.

Refugees are people fleeing wars and/or political persecution. Economic migrants are people seeking a better life–a laudable goal, but one that characterizes the vast majority of the world’s population. It is also the group for whom we have established immigration laws and numerical limits and a regular process through which one applies.


The Biden Administration insists that the border is secure. The border is not open, and the people who arrive by the thousand daily are being admitted because turning away refugees is morally and legally wrong. Compassion dictates that we accept the refugees at the border as they arrive.

But watch that video below. Not only is it clear that the claims about the nature of the illegal migrants entering the country are not as claimed–few of the people are genuinely fleeing war or persecution–but it’s also clear that the federal government is not acting out of some misplaced sense of compassion.

The Border Patrol just buses the migrants into random cities and dumps them on the street.

Dumps them on the street. In front of a Dollar Tree store, perhaps.

“You’re free.” This is not compassion.

In fact, the Biden Administration is largely indifferent to what happens after “refugees” enter the country, because helping the “refugees” is not the point. It is getting bodies across the border.


The Biden administration has suggested the solution to New York’s migrant crisis is eliminating the city’s right to shelter, according to City and State officials and business leaders involved in discussions with the White House.

The sources tell NBC New York that based on their conversations, they believe the Biden team might have offered New York City more relief, if not for their concerns that the right-to-shelter policy provides a never-ending incentive for migrants to continue coming across the border.

“That’s why they’re reluctant,” said one State official.

You see, New York’s policy lures migrants away from the Red States. End the policy and the problem remains where Biden wants it: near the border.

Lots of people compare what is happening at the border to an invasion, but I think that isn’t quite right. In a very real sense, the Biden Administration is importing people into the country. They haven’t just opened the border–they are doing what they can to flood the country with migrants. The flow is so great that they can’t control it. That’s true. But it’s clear that they are perfectly happy with that because helping people is not the point.

They clearly want this to happen.

Average Americans are far less happy, and the people who are dealing with the consequences regularly and not just watching TV are very unhappy indeed. AOC found that out when she defended the migrant policies. So did Jerry Nadler:


What makes Biden’s policies even barely tenable politically is the claim that failing to treat refugees with compassion is incompatible with our values. We often see comparisons of migrants to Mary and Joseph, and that touches our hearts. If we believe that spin.

But as you can see in the video, the rhetoric doesn’t match the reality in the least. The point of federal policy is to flood the country with bodies, not treat the people coming here well or with any measure of compassion at all. It’s not like Joe Biden is even providing even a manger where the refugees can rest their heads.

They get dumped on the streets.

You can speculate all you want about the precise motivations for Biden’s policies–I know I have my thoughts and they confirm your suspicion that I am cynical–but if you can argue that compassion is motivating his current policies then explain why there are 85,000 missing migrant children and why it is compassionate to dump people in the street.


This policy has nothing to do with compassion. It is deeply cynical.

By the end of Biden’s first and hopefully only term the US will have imported 8 or more million illegal immigrants. It is breaking this country.

That isn’t compassion.



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