VIDEO: Two Massive Youth Brawls Break Out at Florida High School – 13 Students Face Criminal Charges | The Gateway Pundit | by Cullen Linebarger

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Pasco County, Florida – Two massive brawls broke out at Florida high school on Tuesday resulting in more than a dozen youths getting arrested according to local reports.

WFLA reported that the altercations occurred in the cafeteria and a hallway of Zephyrhills High School in Pasco County, Florida around lunchtime.

Video footage shows one guy saying “oh sh*t” over and over as the youths beat the tar out of each other for no particular reason.

School resource officers desperately try to break up the brawls while students and faculty, including the school’s principal, end up on the ground.


Fox 13 News reported extra police officers were called to the high school to restore order. The school was then put on controlled campus status, restricting the movement of both class and staff until dismissal.

Following the fights, some parents decided to keep their children home the following day.

“I had fear of retaliation, I don’t know if they’re going to bring weapons at school at this point because it was so bad yesterday,” Kori Speegle said to WFLA.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office revealed that 13 students are now facing charges, including battery and the disruption of a school function. Fox 13 also notes the students could also face discipline from the district.

Additional discipline appears to be a safe bet as Pasco Schools Superintendent Kurt Browning released a statement saying the students actions would “not be tolerated” and vowing to protect law-abiding students going forward.

Let me be perfectly clear: behavior of this nature will not be tolerated in Pasco County Schools. Every student has the right to a safe and conducive learning environment, and we will take every necessary measure to ensure that this remains the case,



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