WATCH: Trump’s Strong Video Response to DeSantis’ White House Bid

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced his candidacy for the White House, and former President Donald Trump wasted no time in dropping his own video campaign advertisement in response.

The Team Trump account posted a video on Twitter, showing footage of Trump with a voiceover touting his achievements from his first term in office. The video took a shot at Gov. DeSantis for appearing to try to be like the former president.

The video starts by dismissing other politicians who claim to be like him, emphasizing that “there is only one Donald Trump.” It then proceeds to list some of his major achievements during his presidency, such as implementing the largest tax cuts in history, improving healthcare for veterans, confronting China, and protecting American jobs, along with taking a strong stance against terrorism. The announcer also mentions his influence on the make-up of the Supreme Court, being recognized as a pro-life president, and his commitment to safeguarding Second Amendment rights and border security.

From the footage:

The Washington-established politicians like to talk about how they can be just like Donald Trump. The truth. There’s only one Donald Trump. Only one who gave us the largest tax cuts in history, who gave vets the health care they deserve and stood up to China and protected your job. Only one who kept us out of endless wars while destroying our terrorist enemies. Only one who fundamentally changed the Supreme Court was called the most pro life president in history and relentlessly protected our Second Amendment rights and our borders. Why would we ever settle for Trump impostors make America great again when there only one starting day? One who can make America great again. I’m Donald J. Trump, and I approve this message.

This was not the first video advertisement Trump posted on the day of DeSantis’ announcement. Earlier on Wednesday, he put out another video going directly at the governor. The video detailed how the former president helped DeSantis win his governor position by endorsing him during the campaign. It features clips of DeSantis thanking Trump for his support and repeating the slogan, “Make America Great Again,” with one of his children.

By showcasing his track record, Trump aims to establish himself as an unparalleled leader who has already delivered significant results. He implies that settling for “Trump impostors” would be a compromise and suggests that only he possesses the qualities and capabilities necessary to restore America’s greatness. This is probably the approach Trump will use during the primary campaign; attacking DeSantis while reminding the base of his prior accomplishments as president.

Trump remains far ahead in the polling, but DeSantis could get a bump from Wednesday’s announcement. Still, it is clear that this will be a hard fought race.



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