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Congressman Jim Banks (R-IN) wants to make federal buildings beautiful again. Well, what he really wants to do is cement a Trump-era executive order into law requiring “classical architecture” on all new buildings to make that happen.

On Wednesday, Fox News reported that Banks introduced the “Beautifying Federal Civic Architecture Act.” If signed into law, it would mandate that “classical architecture; and the historic humanistic architecture, including Gothic, Romanesque, Pueblo Revival, Spanish Colonial, and other Mediterranean styles of architecture historically rooted in various regions of America” be preferred for new federal office designs.

Banks told Fox News that the bill is ultimately about the culture and honoring America’s heritage.

“The intentional design of some of our greatest landmarks goes back to our Founding Fathers, who knew the importance architecture played in the establishment of American culture,” Banks said to the outlet.

Former President Trump originally signed an order mandating that all new buildings be constructed using a similar framework. Critics argued that his desire for aesthetically-pleasing structures was somehow linked to white supremacy. President Joe Biden repealed that order in February of 2021.

“Requiring all new construction be thoughtfully developed in that same spirit preserves American exceptionalism and ensures federal buildings serve as a beautiful testament to our nation’s greatest ideals for generations to come,” Banks added.

Per Fox News, the bill also slams “brutalist architecture” as a “massive and block-like appearance with a rigid geometric style and large-scale use of exposed poured concrete.”


Here’s an example of what that looks like:

Here’s an example of classical architecture:

It isn’t difficult to see which one inspires more wonder and awe in society.

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