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Historically, vice presidents aren’t all that important as it relates to the day-to-day duties of running the country, but when you have an octogenarian in the White House who or may not be suffering early stages of dementia, the position tends to have a bit of a larger role in the administration.

So it was a bit concerning when current Vice President Kamala Harris struggled to explain to “Late Night” host Stephen Colbert what exactly her job duties are around the Biden White House:

“One of the themes of the show [Veep] is that her character, Selina Meyer, is frustrated by the sometimes vague duties of the role. It’s a high constitutional office, but does not describe what you’re supposed to be doing,” Colbert said. “Does that ring true? Like, what’s the actual role on a daily basis as you have found it?”

“Well, I have the great privilege of serving with Joe Biden, who is the President of the United States,” Harris responded.

“Does he understand what it’s like to be vice president?” Colbert then jokingly asked.

“He does, he does,” Harris replied with a laugh. “He really is a true partner and he understands that job,” Harris said before rambling and concluding that Biden is an “extraordinary leader. He really is.”


To his credit, Colbert rebutted, “That’s an excellent answer and, uh, the question was, what’s the job of the vice president … and your answer is part of the job, I’m guessing?”

Harris was then able to articulate one example of other duties, such as going to the Munich Security Conference.

Of course, Harris actually has been tasked with plenty under Biden. Nearly a year ago, she was tapped as Biden’s border czar to deal with the deluge of illegal aliens flooding into the country via Mexico.

Suffice it to say, she failed at that one.

Perhaps Harris’ real duty is acting as President Joe Biden’s insurance policy against impeachment or being knocked off the ballot in 2024. He cannot be removed because then she’ll head up the ticket.

Even a Democrat is wise enough to know that would be a total disaster — which is really saying something compared to the direction the country is currently headed.

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