Three’s Company: Modern Sexual Identity Advances to ‘Trigender’

We’re living in a time of revolution, and that’s certainly the case where a sense of self is concerned. Take, for instance, a novel personal identity recently revealed.

As passed along by Twitter’s Libs of TikTok, a new online video features a young adult declaring his/her/their new gender. The subject of the clip is, in fact, a woman. She is, as well, a man. And he is, to be clear, not a woman or a man. The person introduces the tremendous state of “trigender”:

“So a couple of people might’ve been surprised by my transgender pin that I put on this morning. I figured it’s about time that I came out and talked about my gender identity. I am trigender — which means, like a triangle, I have three genders: male, female, and nonbinary.”

The individual knows what it is to feel like a woman. Furthermore, she’s discovered what it feels like to be a man. Moreover, she’s detected the precise feeling of being neither of those in any way. Additionally, she’s developed the ability to be all of those simultaneously — she’s a woman who is also a man, a man who is also a woman, a nothing who is also a man, a nothing who is also a woman, and not at all a man or woman who is also a man and a woman.

The world is spinning fast, and questions often arise. If identity is truly about how one feels inside, in their most intimate emotional space, wouldn’t their feeling exist apart from any outside categorization of “male,” “female,” et cetera? In a lot of cases, evidently not. Many people are both so in touch with themselves as to orbit completely apart from human history, yet so tethered to the present time that they define themselves according to ubiquitous external ideas. But however it breaks down, gender identity has swept the nation:

California University’s ‘Womxn’s Center’ Worries Blind People Won’t Know It’s Spelled That Way

Man Who Says Women Don’t Exist Wins ‘Woman of the Year’

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Features Its First Transgender Model, Who ‘Embodies the Well-Rounded Woman’

San Francisco Announces Free Income — but Only for People Who Pick One of 97 New Genders

Transgender Guidance Agency Endorses Castration, Promotes ‘Eunuchs’

Knitting Group Offers Plush Prosthetic Penises Transgender Children Can Wear in Their Panties

Being nonbinary, of course, isn’t so state-of-the-art. Until not very long ago, “gender” was merely a grammatical term. “Sex” was our only differentiator. From my previous article:

As for notions of…nonbinary…I propose a radical climax to our evolutionary cultural course: What if progress [continues]…’til every one of us is 100% gender-free?

If by chance we perch upon that futuristic ledge, there’s a name for it ready to ride the wind: From the time of Adam and Eve until around 2018, that word was “mundanity” — because that’s how our system already worked. Dare we once again become so evolved as to be back where we were before being made new?

Hold on to your hatself; we absolutely may.

Back to TikTok’s triple-pointed person, he/she/both/neither understands such a geometric existence isn’t everyone’s cup of tea:

“[I] should recognize and accept that a lot of people don’t see nonbinary as a third gender; they see it as something completely separate from the binary of male and female. But for me, it’s like a third gender. Or, I guess you could call it a third identity. So how I feel, genderwise, is like a man, like a woman, and as neither at the same time.”

It seems to me only he/she/both/neither can possibly know how it feels to be him/her/she-he/none-of-the-above; so keeping it individual is astute. And though many Americans are conforming to a binary system of gender identity in rigid protest of our limiting, binary system of sex, there are certainly those marching to the beat of their own drum:

And to all of them — including a certain blue-lipped TikToker — I say, “March on.”


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