Our Cyber Monday VIP Deal Is a Huge Savings for You – and a Vital Tool for Us to Battle Narratives

Today’s deal on our VIP Subscription is your most significant savings and our significant opportunity.

Look, when selling you on the concept of getting a VIP subscription here at RedState and across the Townhall media network there are two prongs to the pitch; one is easy, the other more complex. I’ll take them in order to show you the benefits and the results.

First, the easy: 50 percent discount. Half price. Literally, the biggest discount offered. Use “CYBERMONDAY” in the signup and the savings are instant.  If you have been on the fence over possibly subscribing, this is the time to strike. Or, if you already are a subscriber, this is a prime gift-giving opportunity. You can share the inside intel, as it were.

We recently celebrated the third anniversary of this program and it has been immensely successful as we look for more ways to deliver exclusive content for our customers. To go with the expanded content offered we now have video exclusives, including the weekly VIP Gold vid-cast, as well as a series of podcasts for members only, where you will hear my own media takedown show, Lie-Able Sources. We here at RedState are looking to keep growing the VIP portal with broadened topics and cultural elements.

The second aspect of why VIP is worthwhile is more involved, and it touches on the subjects I have been covering for a time now. Along with my articles and the broadcast here, I also have a column at, RIffed From The Headlines. With that VIP feature, I cover on a daily basis the numerous ways the journalism complex in this country is manipulating and corrupting the practice of delivering the news. As expected, the press rankles at those like myself who antagonize their efforts at controlling the narrative.

The VIP Gold program is vital in this way because it serves as a firewall against any efforts to curtail this kind of coverage. The press desires to control approved narratives to such an extent they have been working with social media platforms to decide on worthy topics and also to shut down unapproved commentaries. We here at the site and across all TownHall properties have frequently encountered these efforts. Our VIP subscribers are protected against these attempts, as it becomes a direct-line conduit to our followers. No social media or search engine blockage takes place.

My realm of coverage is just one example of how VIP helps in this fashion. Media attempts to silence or block content are not melodramatic claims. From the selectively approved pandemic topics to the Hunter Biden laptop, there is no shortage of times the press has actively sought to silence certain voices. Look at the hysterical reactions over Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter seen in the press over the past few months. Losing control of an entire platform has angered them to the point of exposure.

Look at how routinely Joe Biden’s errors and lies are avoided. Just this year we have seen the press spike stories on the immigration crisis, the Black Lives Matter leader making mansion purchases, and attempting to hide the mental challenges of John Fetterman. (We saw NBC News working to have unedited videos of Fetterman speeches taken down.) barely any mention of how through July and August there was a lack of named hurricanes – something we have not seen since the 1940s. 

With the press and the social media platforms working in tandem, I and others are always looking to hold the press accountable can be targeted for these silencing tactics. Our VIP Gold program is the solution. Whether it is Scott Hounsel revealing inconvenient COVID details, Jennifer Van Laar targeting Governmental corruption in California, Bonchie and Nick Arama holding the administration responsible, or Sister Toldja and myself shining a light on media malpractice – we can operate free of the vindictive reprisals. 

Just from my sphere, it is making a difference. Not to suggest I am personally responsible for results, but those of us from conservative outlets who highlight media bias and manipulations are seeing significant changes. It takes a group of outlets and a number of writers to get the facts out and combat the false narratives being pushed. Over the past year, I have witnessed a number of major stories and changes in the journalism complex resulting from a collective effort to expose the problems. 

Lie-Able Sources

The January 6 Committee has essentially been neutered as its partisan tactics were displayed and its impact minimized. CNN has endured a number of impactful changes and staff departures – Jeff Zucker, Chris Cuomo, and Brian Stelter among them. There was the dissolving of the Biden administration’s Disinformation Governance Board once it was exposed as an Orwellian attempt at limiting expression. Critical Race Theory has been routinely challenged, and the news outlets teaming up to slander a Florida prenatal rights bill failed to block it from being passed.

These are just a sample of ways we are making a difference, and we here at RedState can continue to fight back with facts, free of the reprisals normally used against reports that disrupt the media narratives. In this way, VIP is your way to get exclusive content and it is our way to deliver vital information to our valued users. 

Get the savings today, get the exclusive content daily, and get the information you can use to combat the fraudulent efforts seen impacting this nation. We like to think we are happy warriors here at RedState, and we love sharing our ammunition with our VIP subscribers.


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