2,500 Australians Strip Naked for a Photoshoot to Raise Awareness About Skin Cancer (VIDEO)

On Saturday, about 2,500 people stripped down naked on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia to support a skin cancer awareness project by photographer Spencer Tunick.

Spencer Tunick is an American photographer best known for organizing large-scale nude shoots.

Skin cancer is the world’s most common cancer. Every year, over 1.3 million people are diagnosed with it. Killing over 125,000. Sadly, these deaths are predicted to rise by 20% in the next few years, unless we do big brave things to stop it,” Tunick told Fox Digital.

“Hopefully my recent photographs with the inclusion of many skin cancer survivors will remind people of the fragility of life and the importance of skin checks.”

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“Australia’s skin cancer rates are 12 times the global norm. 2 in 3 Australians are likely to get skin cancer before the age of 75. Thankfully… over 98% of skin cancers can be successfully treated if they’re detected early – which is exactly what @SkinCheckChampions is all about,” Tunick wrote on his Instagram.

Watch the video below:

Below is the statement he wrote on his social media:

Today, Saturday the 26th of November, 2022 at the pinnacle of #NationalSkinCancerActionWeek @SkinCheckChampions and artist @SpencerTunick invited 2500 people to #StripOffForSkinCancer. Each participant paid homage to the lives lost from Skin Cancer last year in Australia.

We gathered in nothing but our skin, watching the first rays of light creep over the horizon of Bondi Beach, standing with respectful strength, honouring all those who’ve been killed or done battle with our ‘national cancer’, knowing that we will be the generation to stop it.

Sharing a pledge to #GetASkinCheck at least once a year, to be more #SunSmart and to rally together to fund a targeted National Skin Check Program. Providing free, educational skin check services to communities most at risk.

Let’s create a communal powerful cultural moment for everyone to focus on the heath of our skin, and what we can do to improve it.

All participants were wearing sun block and the works were taken early in the morning to avoid the heat of the day and the sun’s harmful rays. Thank you to all who took part and the volunteers!

Watch the video below:



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