Joe Biden’s Much-Hyped Disinformation Czar Becomes a Foreign Agent

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In an eye-opening answer to “where are they now,” Joe Biden’s short-lived disinformation czar has found a new gig. The much-hyped Nina Jankowicz is now a registered foreign agent for the United Kingdom. You may remember Jankowicz as the Mary Poppins-impersonating “disinformation expert” that was set to head Biden’s now-defunct ministry of truth.

Newsbusters has the report.

Former DGB Executive Director Nina Jankowicz said in a Nov. 18 “foreign agents” filing with the Department of Justice that she would be hired as a “disinformation expert” with the U.K.-based Centre for Information Resilience. Jankowicz’ role involves acting as an “ambassador for CIR on the Hill, within the Federal Government, media, among tech companies / Silicon Valley, on ‘K Street’, and among potential philanthropic organisations.”

There’s just a little bit of irony in the fact that Jankowicz was bought on board by the DHS to fight foreign interference in domestic affairs, yet here she is taking cash from another nation to interfere in their foreign affairs. Were the Brits really unable to find a local grifter who they could overpay to offer no actual expertise on anything? You have to respect the hustle, I guess.

Regardless, the entire idea of having a government figure dictating what is and isn’t misinformation is obviously ludicrous. Unfortunately, the United Kingdom cares a lot less about preserving basic freedoms since its governmental system doesn’t guarantee them. There is no protected principle of free speech there, and residents can be arrested for the grave sin of making “offensive” posts on social media.

Jankowicz represents the worst of modern liberalism. She’s a person that truly believes she should have control over your thoughts and statements, and it’s not just a cynical pursuit for her. Rather, Jankowicz and her cohorts actually think they know what is best for you. You are too stupid to know what’s true and what’s not, so they much force-feed you a narrative.

It’s still shocking to think that the Biden administration actually tried to form its own ministry of truth with Jankowicz at the head. Fortunately, enough people spoke out that the idea was nuked, at least as a public pursuit. We know that the administration continued to collude behind the scenes with social media companies to crush speech for mostly partisan reasons. That’s the subject of an ongoing major lawsuit. Hopefully, it leads to some accountability, though I won’t hold my breath.

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