James Woods and Elon Musk Have Some More Fun With Alyssa Milano Turning in Her Tesla

I previously wrote about the rather hilarious effort of Alyssa Milano to virtue signal at Elon Musk for championing free speech on Twitter.

She said that she had turned in her Tesla (whatever that means) and gotten a Volkswagen electric vehicle.

She didn’t seem to understand the irony of attacking Musk by getting a vehicle from a company that had been founded by real Nazis. She didn’t seem to know the history of Volkswagen. VW doesn’t stand for “very woke,” whatever she might think. Volkswagen used concentration camp labor and other forced labor to help build their cars. After the war, Volkswagen was taken over by others, but it still has that history.

But what was funny was Milano had swooned all over Musk previously, because he owned Tesla and promoted electric vehicles. That was an acceptable “good” thing, according to the liberal dogma. It fits in with the left’s climate change agenda. So, it was “good” to like him.

Musk nailed what it was all about in his assessment.

NPC translates to “Non-player character” meaning, they can’t think for themselves and they just go along with whatever the latest “thing” is. Although Musk did allow that it could be her account is run by others.

But because Elon is now the “bad” thing, it’s under the bus he goes and he’s “literally Hitler.” If you don’t go along with what they want, you will be cancelled and/or destroyed.

Milano is perhaps a golden example of someone who goes along with whatever the latest liberal “thing” is, as actor James Woods pointed out. He said she needed some history lessons, as she didn’t seem to have absorbed the science ones.

That was from 2020. After the backlash and a ton of mocking, she later claimed that she had a carbon filter under the crocheted mask (although it doesn’t look like there’s anything under it). But the carbon filters don’t do anything more against COVID, either. Just more virtue signaling.

But, hey, she had her mask on, that’s the important thing! Who cares if it wasn’t effective at preventing the virus she was allegedly wearing it for? The mask is the “thing.”

Woods then followed it up with the saying that Musk has now made popular on Twitter: Pay over your $8.

Now, if that were the liberal “thing,” you could be sure that she would be all over it in a flash. But, she’d rather have the censorship.

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