Elon Shows Just How Much He Gets the Culture War in a Stunning Thread

Elon Musk is not a conservative.

However, we’re seeing the big changes that he has been bringing to Twitter, as he tries to bring a more level playing field to the “town square” and that’s a great win for free speech and against the suppression of the right that has existed on the platform for so long.

When Musk asked, “What do you think of the culture war?” Musk revealed in his responses that he understood things far better than even some people on the right do.

He noted that the media is only allowing one narrative.

“I am neither conventionally right nor left, but I agree with your point,” Musk declared. “The woke mind virus has thoroughly penetrated entertainment and is pushing civilization towards suicide. There needs to be a counter-narrative.”

That’s a pretty amazing response if you think about it. He gets that this is an existential fight, that our civilization as we understand it is at risk in this fight. That’s a huge point to get when we see folks in the Republican establishment not seem to understand that, when we see folks who claim to have been on the right or “conservative” helping the left, thus helping that movement toward chaos. Would we even have imagined a few years ago that the Democrats would refuse to even define what a woman is? But here we are, with them denying even that order in life, that there is nothing you can point to that defines a woman. That’s chaos.

Although I would add there is a counter-narrative. We saw it being pitched perhaps prominently for the first time in Virginia during Glenn Youngkin’s race last year — that’s we’re on the side of sanity, the parents and the kids, of not indoctrinating children. That we support freedom and the individual, not the chaos. I suspect Musk means that counter-narrative needs to be heard more.

Another response showed how much he gets it.

Like I said, he’s not a conservative, so I’m not going to assume that he believes in everything that a conservative believes. But the fact that he understands the fight and has shown that he’s willing to hang in there against withering attack including Democrats going after him, liberal organizations trying to get Twitter’s advertising pulled and even people pushing to get them tossed off the app stores shows just how much he is disrupting the narrative and what transformation he is brining. As we reported, he gets that the world’s conversation has been distorted by “far left” views.

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