White House offered up Thanksgiving talking points and it didn’t go well

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain got a little too cute by half on Thanksgiving Eve and tweeted out a list of “accomplishments” achieved by President Biden. It was meant to be a helpful list of talking points to counter “that uncle” during Thanksgiving dinner. It was a desperate attempt to pump up the flailing Biden presidency.

Thanksgiving is a time to count our blessings and reflect with gratitude yet for hyper-partisan Democrats, there is always a trope floating around that the person ruining Thanksgiving dinner by talking politics is a conservative uncle. The first question that comes to mind is, if Klain has to list them to remind people what to say if Democrats hear criticism of Biden, whose fault is that? Doesn’t that point to a failure of the White House in getting their message out? If Joe Biden has such wonderful legislative successes, why would people need to be reminded of them? If someone is inclined to talk politics at a family holiday meal, wouldn’t that person already be prepared to make his or her own arguments?

The White House is setting the table (see what I did there?) for Joe Biden to announce he will seek re-election. Allegedly the big family discussion during the annual Biden family Thanksgiving holiday in Nantucket this year is whether or not Sleepy Joe should run for another term. We know what the answer will be – of course he should run. Jill will demand it and the grandkids, like Naomi, are on board. What would stop him? They think he’s up to the job and he thinks he’s ready for a fight. Heaven help us.

Most Thanksgiving dinners do not include a side of politics. Most families and friends are normal people who live normal lives. They get up and go to work every day, they raise families, participate in their communities, and they just go about their business. According to the Axios-Ipsos Two Americas Index, the majority of Americans don’t want to talk about politics. Yet, 41% of Democrats and 29% of Republicans said it may happen anyway.

“Arguing about politics may be Americans’ least favorite Thanksgiving activity, but it may actually serve an important function in our body politic,” said Cliff Young, Ipsos’ president of U.S. Public Affairs.

“People who engage in these kinds of discussions across the aisle are more likely to accept the legitimacy of elections.”

Excuse me? What kind of spin is that? People who want to engage in political discussions span the political spectrum. Political discussions are not a barometer for accepting the legitimacy of elections. The left is obsessed with that topic. Questioning the results of elections due to some of the abuses seen during the pandemic during early voting, for example, is not denying the legitimacy of elections. “That uncle” who may bring up questions about the ballot harvesting or stuffing unattended drop boxes is asking legitimate questions. It may not have happened enough to throw the election but it’s silly to deny that some bad actors took advantage of the pandemic to go around election laws.

Hey, you know what could have changed the election results in 2020? The Hunter Biden laptop story. That explosive story was suppressed by the media to the benefit of the Biden campaign.

Trump pollster John McLaughlin found that 4.6% of Biden voters would have changed their minds if they had known about it, easily enough to flip results in key states. Another survey by The Polling Company showed that even more Biden voters in seven swing states — 17% — would have switched their votes if they had been aware of the laptop and other stories.

Most people have friends and family with differing political views. Lively political discussions are fun but it’s not normally holiday dinner conversation. Thanksgiving dinner may be a time of catching up with relatives with whom you don’t normally see or speak to. It’s some kind of weird fantasy of liberals that conservative relatives are just waiting for everyone to be seated around the table and then start trashing the president. C’mon, man.

Can it happen? Sure. And, in that case, many of the replies to Klain’s tweet were not exactly giving him a high five for his effort.

Klain’s tweet is a lopsided view of what is happening during the Biden presidency, as you would expect from his chief of staff. A communications adviser to Senator Ted Cruz pointed out that Biden’s efforts in curbing inflation sure aren’t something to brag about.


The lack of self-awareness from this administration is disturbing. The people surrounding Joe Biden are mostly longtime Swamp creatures who live in their own protective bubble. They are clueless about the lives of ordinary Americans and it shows. Who would have ever thought that there would be a baby formula shortage in America, yet there is still one going on in some parts of the country. The Biden administration acts only after a crisis has developed and is growing. There never seems to be a plan to combat anything that may come up.

I hope you enjoyed a politics-free Thanksgiving. I’m grateful that my family does. Klain probably thought he was helping Biden but, wow, how tone-deaf does he sound? Americans know the price of gas shot through the roof thanks to Biden’s desire to kill the fossil fuels industry. That’s just one example of the gaslighting going on by the White House on their alleged accomplishments. They think you are stupid.

An interesting response to Klain’s tweet came from Jonathan Franks who is a spokesperson that works on freeing wrongfully detained Americans overseas. It caught my attention because I often write about Americans detained overseas. Franks thanks Biden for his efforts to get some Americans released but asks that he increase his efforts.

Trump had many successes in office and one of them was the number of Americans he brought home from being detained overseas. That is something many American families are thankful for this Thanksgiving.



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