‘Today’ Show Host Al Roker Shares Update With Fans After Being Hospitalized For Major Blood Clots | The Daily Wire

Longtime “Today” show host Al Roker announced that he’s finally home after being hospitalized for a series of blood clots that started in his leg and moved to his lungs.

In a series of posts shared on Instagram Thursday, the 68-year-old weather personality wrote that he’s “so very thankful” to have made it out of the hospital to be home with his family for Thanksgiving holiday.

“So much to be #thankful for on the [Thanksgiving Day],” Roker captioned his post. “Leaving the hospital and home for [Thanksgiving Dinner].”

“Alright, this is my version of the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Getting ready to leave the hospital. Time to blow this taco stand. Woohoo!” the host said in the clip as he walked out of the hospital.

“Back home in time to catch a little bit of the [Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade] Missing being next to [Savannah Guthrie] and [Hoda Kotb],” he wrote in a second post.

Roker has been a staple of the “Today” show’s coverage of the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade and missed hosting the show for the first time in the last 27 years, Page Six noted.

In a final post, he shared photos of him with his family enjoying the holiday together. “So very #thankful to be able to be home for [Thanksgiving] [Dinner] with [Family].”

Roker revealed his absence from the show November 18 and said that he had been in the hospital after a blood cot in his leg “sent some clots into” his lungs, as previously reported.

“So many of you have been thoughtfully asking where I’ve been,” the “Today” show host wrote. “Last week I was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in my leg which sent some clots into my lungs.”

“After some medical whack-a-mole, I am so fortunate to be getting terrific medical care and on the way to recovery,” he added. “Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers and hope to see you soon. Have a great weekend, everyone.”

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