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Dr. Jordan Peterson and DailyWire+ released Friday the first two episodes of an exclusive 16-part “Exodus” series, a follow up to Peterson’s widely acclaimed Genesis series. 

In the new series, Peterson and six scholars read through Exodus, the Bible and the Torah’s second book, and discuss what it means, why it is significant today, and why it has been significant for thousands of years. 

Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing said Thursday that the series, which is only available to DailyWire+ members is, “perhaps the greatest content [The Daily Wire] has ever released.” 

Peterson and the other scholars discuss Exodus, which follows the story of the Israelites and their deliverance by God from the Egyptians. Joining Peterson is Cambridge University Professor Douglas Hedley, English social critic and author Os Guinness, Cambridge Assistant Professor James Orr, PragerU co-founder Dennis Prager, Ralston College President Stephen Blackwood, and Christian thinker and artist Jonathan Pageau. 

The scholars will address key issues from the book including freedom vs. tyranny, transcendence, Jewish traditions, faith, and why God allows evil, one of the most hotly debated questions of all time. 

Peterson said Thursday that those who liked his lectures on Genesis would “love The Exodus Seminars.”

The first episodes will introduce viewers to two major biblical characters: Moses and Pharaoh.

Moses, who fled to the wilderness after accidentally killing an Egyptian beating a Jew, will eventually rise to lead the Israelites out of slavery and into the wilderness. He becomes a sort of mediatory figure between them and God, and brings the Ten Commandments down from Mount Sinai. 

In contrast to Moses is Pharaoh, who feels threatened by the rapid population growth of the Israelites, so he orders all of their newborn sons put to death. Moses is saved by his parents who put him in a basket or “ark” to float among the reeds to hide him from the Egyptian soldiers. In a dramatic twist, his basket is discovered, but he is adopted into Pharaoh’s household where he is raised as an Egyptian. 

The episodes released Friday are only two of Peterson’s expansive 16-part series, available only to DailyWire+ members. Later episodes will continue the story of Moses and the Israelites’ journey to freedom. 

Also released today is Peterson’s “Logos and Literacy,” a documentary tour of the Museum of the Bible that looks at the Bible and its influence on the world. Peterson interviews historians and scholars about the important book and how it still impacts the world today.



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