EXCLUSIVE: General Michael Flynn Contributes His Powerful Leadership Story in a Partnership with Brave Books

General Michael Flynn is a highly decorated three-star general, who went through the hellish ordeal of being wrongly prosecuted and imprisoned by his own country. The Deep State’s intent was to kill and silence General Flynn but, as the philosopher Nietzsche warned, it has only made him stronger. General Flynn is now passionate and motivated to equip Americans in the fight for their freedoms and to forge and maintain a foothold in politics and culture.

Since being pardoned by Trump in November 2020, General Flynn has only heightened his leadership presence in organizations like America’s Future and as part of the ReAwaken America Tour launched in 2021.

“America is going through a major transformation of our culture and needed to be reminded of how we came to be in the first place,” Flynn explained.

“America is a big idea that is essentially an experiment in democracy established as a constitutional republic. We’ve been blessed to last this long, most republics in history have a far shorter lifespan. The founders knew that over time, America would be tested and tried to its very core. We now face a moment of crisis like we’ve never seen.”

General Flynn is focused on equipping not just this current generation but the next. That is why he has partnered with Brave Books for Book Number 7 in their Saga 2 Series. General Flynn is the author of the book, The Night the Snow Monster Attacked. Freedom Island’s hero, Valor, and Team BRAVE return to inculcate a lesson on what embodies good leadership, and what does not.

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General Flynn described why it is important to him to partner with this company of culture warriors.

“First, Brave Books is an incredible publisher of children’s books. The BB team is an extraordinary and talented team of young men and women who are jazzed about educating children, Flynn said.

“That is what excited me most about joining this incredible team of people. The Night the Snow Monster Attacked addresses issues, in a child’s language, such as teamwork, discipline, perseverance, resolve to complete the task at hand, and to never give up. I believe these type lessons are vital when educating children as to the lifetime of challenges they will face growing up.”

General Flynn’s life and circumstances helped to add deeper context to the inspirational Team BRAVE Leader Valor, as the General melded his experiences, both the good and the bad, into Valor’s journey.

“Today’s overly complex world offers a different set of challenges than the one I grew up in, but my lifetime of experiences taught me many things and I want to share those to the degree humanly possible with children, General Flynn stressed.

“Among many lessons I learned from a young age is that bad things happen in life. However, one is not judged by that “bad thing”, one is judged by how you responded to it. Did you give up, did you back down, did you move out smartly, did you overcome the challenge? These questions are what The Night The Snow Monster Attacked addresses in an exhilarating and fun read for children.”

General Flynn’s partnership with Brave Books and his collaboration with Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tours couple nicely with Flynn’s vision of educating Americans on this country’s founding, the war we are facing, and our place in restoring and maintaining the republic.

“The Reawaken America tour is a one-of-a-kind tour, unlike anything else that has ever existed in modern day politics, Flynn said.

“It is filled with a diverse set of people, talents, and abilities. It has been massively successful because all involved simply tell the truth from their perspectives as experts in their respective fields. My experience in government, especially my leadership experiences, have been applied to guide the many and diverse men and women who are part of our Reawaken team to maximize their potential and be better people in their own lives. We have built an amazing array of people who feel part of a larger and more connected family. I’m honored to be a small part of it.”

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