CNN Wildly Spins Like a Top in Incredulous New ‘Report’ on Suspected Colorado Gunman

After watching various “reporting” from so-called news outlets, there is no doubt that the claim by the Colorado “Club Q” mass shooting suspect’s attorneys that the person identifies as “non-binary” and likely is not a fervent MAGA supporter has sent The Usual Suspects into an absolute tailspin.

CNN, unsurprisingly, been the worst of the bunch, as we noted Thursday after they “interviewed” a transgender woman who suggested that Anderson Aldrich, the suspect in the mass shooting that killed five people, could not possibly have been “non-binary” … because he’s a man. This followed a segment in which anchor Alisyn Camerota looked visibly agitated and was momentarily speechless after finding out what the lawyers said, as though she didn’t want to believe it.

Sadly for Camerota, an NBC News reporter has seemingly confirmed that Aldrich does indeed identify as a member of the LGBTQ community.

Unfortunately, CNN’s follow-up “reports” have actually gotten worse, as evidenced by the below video which features CNN correspondent Nick Watt actually trying to massage the story to fit a preconceived narrative. This is something that used to be frowned upon by self-respecting journalists until it became fashionable to deliberately manipulate stories in such a way as to advance a political/social agenda – even if it meant telling readers/viewers to ignore what they’ve seen with their own eyes and have heard with their own ears:

I mean, when he says “evidence is required” to prove that this is a hate crime, he makes it sound like it’s a bad/inconvenient thing that police/investigators/prosecutors actually need solid evidence to charge a suspect with something one way or the other. And I’m sorry, but speaking to a supposed neighbor and alleged “good friend” of the suspect who says they never heard the suspect talk about how they identified is absolutely meaningless when you consider the fact that some LGBTQers prefer to keep how they “identify” on the down-low in part because they fear how friends and family will react.

Simply put, this is awful journalism. Not shocking coming from CNN, but strong evidence that head honcho Chris Licht still has a lot of work to do.

MSNBC, too, has not covered itself in glory in its coverage of the mass shooting. For instance, they simply ignored the lawyers’ statement in one incredibly biased segment that was led by anchor Lindsey Reiser, who is married to a woman, where the “motivated by right-wing hate” narrative was strongly pushed.

“And I think no one should be surprised that when you throw that kind of vile [anit-LGBTQ] rhetoric out into the world you can’t just expect nothing to happen,” Scott McCoy, interim deputy legal director for LGBTQ rights at the fraudulent SPLC, proclaimed during their exchange before advocating for “right-wing influencers” to be punished for the roles they supposedly play in “hate crimes.”

I mean who needs actual facts when there is a fantastical web to be weaved, right? And yet they wonder why so few people trust them anymore.

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