WATCH: Trans Woman on CNN Says That Colorado Shooter Can’t Be Non-Binary, He’s ‘a Man’

My colleague Jeff Charles wrote about the CNN panel helmed by Alisyn Camerota during which Camerota seemed to refuse delivery on the news that Anderson Aldrich was “non-binary,” according to his attorney. “I don’t know what to say about that,” Camerota said, misgendering Aldrich repeatedly. Then her guest, Errol Louis, posited that it was somehow a “defense against a hate crimes charge,” again misgendering Aldrich.

First, that would be a stupid defense since it would be no defense. Plus you’re already talking about several murders, so even if you thought this would somehow negate a hate crime — and it wouldn’t if the facts were there — it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

But CNN didn’t stop there. They continued along the same path with Camerota’s discussion with another guest, Natalee Bingham, a transgender woman, who was a friend of one of the victims in the Colorado shooting. Bingham said that the claim about Aldrich being “non-binary” was “ludicrous.”

Aldrich was just “saying that,” Bingham declared, saying that there was no way that Aldrich was non-binary, that you could tell by looking at Aldrich’s “mugshot” that “that’s a man, that’s not a non-binary person.” Bingham claimed it was “offensive” that “they” were “playing that role.”

How do you know whether the person is non-binary or not? What does a “non-binary” person look like? And that’s the problem here with the claim. When you start moving into areas that aren’t based on biology, but on declared identity, how do you know? What makes a non-binary person non-binary? So I guess now, according to CNN, self-identifying as something just goes out the window and we’re back to what someone looks like. But if that had been someone on the right saying that, they would already have been skewered for their offense by the media.

Bingham asked why Aldrich would go after a club where he would feel safe if he were non-binary. But that’s the thing, when you don’t know what the facts are, you shouldn’t be making assumptions. Bingham doesn’t know why Aldrich allegedly shot up the club.

Here’s a radical thought: How about just waiting until the facts and the motivations are in before spouting off? But it looks like CNN is so hot to push a narrative that they can’t wait. They just want to shoot down the “non-binary” claim. Even if it denies what they have pushed for some time now about people being able to self-identify as they wish.

Here’s another radical thought: It isn’t the fact that the person might be non-binary that blows up the effort of the left to link people on the right to the shooting. What blows that up is that there is no relation between being legitimately concerned about indoctrinating children with drag shows that promote sex to kids and some ill person shooting up an LGBTQ bar, despite what the left tried to pitch for a couple of days. Those things are not related. Everyone should object to sexualizing children.

When someone does an evil thing like this, it is the criminal who is responsible and everyone should condemn it. We don’t know what was going on with Aldrich yet. We do know that his father had been an MMA fighter, meth user, and pornstar, and his mother had issues, as well, and had not had contact with the son for years. We do know that there were signs that were ignored and a prior incident that doesn’t seem to have gotten the attention it deserved so that he was able to be out to kill. Maybe if we focused more on locking up people who should be locked up, then we would get fewer of these incidents in the future.

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