The Colorado Shooter’s Father: MMA, Meth, Pornstar and the Wild Video

We’ve been reporting on the horrible shooting that occurred at a Colorado LGBTQ club. Instead of concentrating on the incident and what people might need, Joe Biden immediately jumped to calling it a “hate crime” and then used it as an excuse to push more gun control.

This was despite not knowing the motive for the crime or frankly any of the facts of the case.

As it turned out, the alleged shooter in the case is “non-binary,” according to his attorney and prefers “they/them” pronouns, and is being addressed as “Mx. Anderson Aldrich.”

So that turned the story on its head, particularly for those on the left trying to pin the shooting on Republicans objecting to the sexualizing of children at drag shows. One thing of course has nothing to do with the other, but this is the insane leap that some on the left have been trying to make. And objecting to the grooming/sexualizing of children is not being anti-gay — it’s being anti-sexualizing of children, something everybody should support.

But when it was discovered that the shooter was “non-binary,” we saw one reporter who had been yelling about the right flip on a dime, and suddenly start talking about what a hard life Aldrich had, and how he was bullied as a child.

Frankly, I’m tired of this perpetual effort, generally from the left, trying to claim what “side” someone is on and then finding out they were wrong. It isn’t about being on a “side” — it’s about something not being right in the head with this shooter, that would prompt him to shoot people. Yet that’s the part that always gets lost and then we move on to another shooting where the left yells about guns again. Why don’t we ever look at the mental illness or social issues that the shooter has in virtually every case? We’ve had guns for eons, we have shootings like this now because the problem isn’t guns, but that illness or those social problems. Yet, we never see a societal push to address mental illness or to understand why such issues are flourishing more now than they have in the past when there were just as many guns.

The alleged Colorado shooter certainly had a family history.

His original name was Nicholas Brink. His father is Aaron Brink, a former ex-con MMA fighter and meth user, pornstar, and actor on some reality TV shows like “Intervention” and “Divorce Court.”

His father acted under the name “Dick Delaware.”

“I met this porn producer,” Brink told MMA Junkie in 2009. “I was f-king around with some girls at a party, and he noticed I was very gifted. He said, ‘Man, you’re a goddamn pro. If you get a test, I’ll put you in a scene.’ [….]

But the Huntington Beach, Calif., native became hooked on crystal meth while making the smut and ended up on the reality show “Intervention’’ in 2009, where his then-fiancee begged him to stop using.

Two years later, he was appearing on TV’s “Divorce Court’’ with his second wife, porn star Vanessa Brink, according to the Gazette and footage of the show.

Brink’s unorthodox career came after a troubled childhood which included juvenile detention and a federal prison stint for smuggling pot into the US from Mexico. He was released from serving hard time at 24 when a friend encouraged him to consider MMA fighting, acording to the MMA Junkie profile.

But Brink had divorced the shooter’s mother, Laura Voepel, when he was a baby. He hadn’t seen his son in years. He even said his wife had told him in 2016 that his son had committed suicide. What the son had done was change his name so he could avoid any association with his father’s name. They hadn’t seen each other for years, since 2011, according to an interview he did with a local station. He said his son called him about six months ago and the phone call didn’t go well.

The shooter’s mother also had trouble with current arrest warrants out for her and previous arrests including for arson in 2012.

So if we’re wondering why this guy was unstable, there’s a lot to look at. But now the left is off on another tear because of a local station interview with the father who claims in the interview he was a “conservative Republican” and makes anti-gay comments.

This is a pretty wild video that they’re spreading, clipped from a longer video by the local station that interviewed the father.

Sorry, liberals, no, “conservative Republicans” are not known for having done meth, being porn stars, and being ex-cons. Moreover, he hadn’t seen his son in 11 years, they hadn’t had contact. As the local news noted, the father apologized profusely for the actions of the son, he wasn’t — as some on the left were saying just happy that his son wasn’t gay — and his son’s attorneys have said that his son is non-binary. It doesn’t sound like he knew his son very well. Again we still don’t know the motive or what was going on in the mind of the shooter.

But again the left is off on this effort to play this “he isn’t ours” game. How about being concerned about the victims, the suspect’s mental issues, and dealing with the greater issue of stopping such acts rather than pushing political agendas? But that would require being honest and waiting for facts.



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