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The White House geared up for the Thanksgiving holiday by sharing a list of talking points for people to reference if the happened to find themselves talking to “that uncle” during a family gathering.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre — along with several other officials in President Joe Biden’s administration — shared a handy tip sheet for those who just had to keep talking politics at the Thanksgiving table.

Jean-Pierre tweeted the list — complete with holiday-themed illustrations and bullet points for easy referencing — with a pun-filled caption: “It’s hard to quit talking politics cold turkey — even at Thanksgiving. Talk to your family from across the aisle, and across your dinner table, with this cheat sheet.”

Chief of Staff Ron Klain joined in with his own caption, saying, “One last item for your Thanksgiving dinner: some talking points when ‘that Uncle’ comes ‘at you’ about @POTUS.”

The first point alleged that Biden had been “tackling inflation and lowering costs” — despite the fact that the price of a Thanksgiving dinner is up a average of 20% since last year and gas prices, though down considerably from their record-shattering peak, are still straining wallets nationwide.

The second point touted Biden’s moves to lower prescription drug costs, and point #3 outlined the bipartisan infrastructure deal. The following points addressed the CHIPS and SCIENCE Act, recent gun control measures, and the economic progress that many Republicans argue was simply the natural result of businesses being allowed to reopen.

The final point on the “cheat sheet” calls Congressional Republicans “extreme” and accuses them of pushing for a full national abortion ban, trying to cut Social Security and Medicare, and “trying to raise costs on Americans by repealing the Inflation Reduction Act.”

Critics were not impressed by the talking points, however, and they made their thoughts known.

“No thank you. I like my family,” Chad Felix Green said.

“During this holiday season, share the gift that keeps on giving with your loved ones: government propaganda,” Siraj Hashmi suggested.

From NRO’s Isaac Schorr came the following: “My favorite family tradition is when we go around the table at Thanksgiving dinner, each of us enumerating our ‘top accomplishments’ in an effort to humiliate the others.”

“If things were going well, perhaps you wouldn’t need dishonest talking points to make it through Thanksgiving dinner …” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) observed.



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