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Horror author Stephen King and billionaire entrepreneur — and self-described “Chief Twit” — Elon Musk are still fighting, and the latest round appears to be about potential Twitter advertisers and whether or not Mike Lindell’s famous MyPillow is as good as he claims it is.

King started the exchange with the assertion that Twitter was quickly going downhill and would soon be losing advertisers left and right.

“Pretty soon the only advertiser left on Twitter will be My Pillow,” he tweeted.

A number of critics immediately pointed out the fact that King had already threatened to leave Twitter due to Musk’s plan to charge monthly for the blue “verified” check mark — and some just mocked him in general.

“Every time I see his tweets I’m more shocked it’s not a parody account,” Fox News contributor and Marine veteran Joey Jones responded.

“Why are you still here?” Paul Joseph Watson asked.

Musk responded as well, apparently also taking a jab at King for not making good on his threat to leave the platform.

“Oh hi lol,” he said.

But then Musk got sidetracked by King’s comment, asking, “Is My Pillow actually a great pillow? Now I’m curious.”

“Superb. Maintains shape. Keeps cool. More than 51 million sold. May I send you some?” Dr. Sebastian Gorka offered to send a few pillows for Musk to try — and several others offered reviews of the pillows — or promo codes that he could use to get some for himself.

Musk and King tangled previously when the billionaire announced his plan to charge a monthly premium of $20 for verification on the platform.

“$20 a month to keep my blue check? F*** that, they should pay me. If that gets instituted, I’m gone like Enron,” he said.

Musk responded to King’s threat with a counter-offer, suggesting that the monthly fee should be $8 instead.

“We need to pay the bills somehow! Twitter cannot rely entirely on advertisers. How about $8?” he bargained.

“I will explain the rationale in longer form before this is implemented,” Musk continued. “It is the only way to defeat the bots and trolls.”

Musk has since appeared to struggle with getting people onboard with the new verification process – which has not yet been implemented — and has taken some heat for restoring accounts belonging to Dr. Jordan Peterson, satire site The Babylon Bee, and former President Donald Trump.



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