TikTok CEO: Content Moderation (Censorship) Is a ‘Top Priority’

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew joined Bloomberg News to double down on the anti-American company’s censorship policies.

On this week’s episode of CensorTrack with Paiten, we looked at Chew’s defense of TikTok’s anti-American and anti-free speech agenda.

During an interview with Bloomberg Deputy Editor-In-Chief Reto Gregori Nov. 16, Chew called content moderation one of the app’s “top” priorities.

“Our mission is to inspire creativity and to bring joy,” Chew claimed. “If we don’t have a safe and trusted platform, it is very difficult for people to inspire each other and bring joy to each other. So this is something that we take very seriously and since the time I’ve been in my role, I’ve made this a very, very top priority for us.”

He then cited his Community Guidelines as the litmus test used to “determine what is allowed and not allowed on our platform. You know, it’s stuff like we don’t allow violence, we don’t allow pornography, so on and so forth. There are fourteen of them. The way we have designed them is such that they’re easy to understand and they’re easy to operationalize internally.”

It seems Chew does not understand the definition of “easy to understand.” Community Guidelines are largely vague. The ones that are not vague are generally applied unevenly.

Take the platform’s “Hateful behavior” Community Guideline. The policy says “We do not permit content that contains hate speech or involves hateful behavior, and we remove it from our platform.”

Young America’s Foundation experienced this firsthand when the anti-American TikTok removed one of the organization’s videos.

Apparently, if you dare to point out the biological realities between men and women, TikTok will slap you with a hateful behavior violation.

But a video calling for the genocide of white men still remains on the platform.

Is it time to pull the plug on TikTok? A basic pro/con assessment shows the anti-American app’s risks far outweigh any benefits. Are a few quirky dance videos worth risking national security?

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