More Misinformation From the Feds

Kevin Roche emailed this morning:

This “gentleman,” Dr. Jha, is the new dunce in charge of the federal CV-19 response. He said today that the vaccines would literally prevent every death.

Kevin continues:

For months in Minnesota, over 70% of all events–infections, hospitalizations and deaths–have been in the vaxed or vaxed and boosted. Deaths in particular are heavily concentrated in the boosted, which is partly an age effect. But it is either complete ignorance or just flat out lying to say what he said. It is amazing to me that almost three years in these guys still think they can get away with this crap.

Kevin has more at Healthy Skeptic.

A friend directed me to a Substack piece by Bad Cattitude titled “the public health czar has completely lost the plot.” He quotes Dr. Jha:

The real leaders of American medicine are out there telling you that you need to go get a vaccine. You can decide to trust America’s physicians or you can trust some random dude on Twitter.

About which Cattitude comments:

truly, trusting just about any “random dude on twitter” would likely serve anyone better than the advice of brown university’s greatest embarrassment, current biden admin covid czar ashish jha.

and the actual experts have been calling this out for ages.

He also offers these memes, which comment on the debasement of our scientific community during the age of covid:

Speaking of being banned from social media, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford was a co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration, and has proved to be right regarding just about everything relating to covid. But being prematurely right is dangerous. Dr. Bhattacharya said that his life became a “living hell” after he dissented from the dogmas announced by Anthony Fauci. He got no support from Stanford and concluded that “academic freedom is dead.”

They systematically tried to make it seem like everyone agreed with their ideas about COVID policy, when in fact there was deep disagreement among scientists and epidemiologists about the right strategy. That’s why we wrote the Great Barrington Declaration, to tell the public that there was this disagreement. There was another alternate policy available.

And, speaking of the execrable Dr. Fauci, when it comes to questions about the origin of covid–an origin for which Fauci himself may be in part responsible–he still has no answers. As reporters learned who attended his farewell press conference:

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s final White House press briefing descended into a near-shouting match Tuesday as he declined to comment on what he’s done to investigate the origins of COVID-19.
“What have you done to personally investigate the origins of COVID?” Daily Caller reporter Diana Glebova attempted to ask Fauci, who has been a fixture at coronavirus briefings since March 2020.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who was moderating Fauci’s farewell Q&A, halted the briefing to reprimand Glebova — opening the floor for even more reporters to clamor for Fauci to answer the question.
The briefing room then erupted at as journalists from other news outlets, including Al Jazeera and The Post, put in their own requests for Fauci to answer. Other reporters said the interruption was disrespectful, arguing that final briefings are usually emotionally sensitive forums.

“Can we get an answer?” Al Jazeera’s Kimberly Halkett chimed in.

“We need an answer, Dr. Fauci, on the COVID origins,” The Post said to Fauci. “Why are we still funding the EcoHealth Alliance, Dr. Fauci? Why are they getting millions of more dollars?”

“You need to call on people from across the room. She has a valid question. She’s asking about the origins of COVID and Dr. Fauci is the best person to answer,” added Today News Africa’s Simon Ateba.

Reporters from outlets like the Daily Caller, the New York Post, al Jazeera and Today News Africa are onto Fauci and his minions, but most “mainstream” outlets are still sticking to their story–that is, sticking to the misinformation that the Biden administration continues to peddle.

UPDATE: One more thing. I don’t hold out much hope for Congressional investigations, but a good lawyer interrogating Dr. Fauci under oath could uncover a lot. It may be about to happen:

I believe Missouri’s lawyers will let us know what Fauci has to say in response to their questions.



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