I Have a Perfect Plan for the “Stay Woke” Shirts Elon Musk Found at Twitter HQ

Earlier today, RedState reported about a discovery made by Chief Twit and Tesla CEO Elon Musk at Twitter HQ after doing some digging around the complex.

As we saw from a video, Musk found a ton of t-shirts in a closet that had “#StayWoke” emblazoned on them.

“Found in the closet at Twitter HQ fr,” tweeted Musk with a few crying-laughing emojis.

The question is, what to do with them? The knee-jerk answer is to burn them in front of Twitter HQ in full view of the public as a fun statement. But I figure we can get a little bit more creative than that.

Musk often talks about how we’re actually in a population decline and need to start having more babies. As he’s pointed out in the past, we’re going to start aging out with fewer and fewer children being born. By 2050, we’ll see a stark collapse if we don’t get our birth rates up. I agree. More babies are a great thing.

With the collapse of Roe v Wade, more babies than ever will be born thanks to states finally getting control of whether or not abortion can thrive in their jurisdictions. Not every pregnancy will be in the best of circumstances. Carelessness or faulty birth control could create life at any moment.

Luckily, we have crisis pregnancy centers. These places are integral to helping women find the support and resources they need for a healthy pregnancy and good care after birth. As RedState’s previously covered, crisis pregnancy centers offer so many benefits to expecting mothers and the record shows just how helpful they are:

8 in 10 locations (or 2,132) offer Free Ultrasounds

486,213 Free Ultrasounds Performed

731,884 Free Pregnancy Tests

967,251 Free Consultations with New Clients

810 Locations offer STD Testing

563 Locations offer STD treatment onsite

291,230 Clients Attended Parenting and Prenatal Education Classes

21,698 Clients Attended After-Abortion Support and Recovery Sessions

305 Locations offer Abortion Pill Reversal

2,525 Locations offer Material Assistance such as baby items (including diapers, baby clothing outfits, new car seats and strollers)

120 Medical Mobile Units with Ultrasound (at least) rolling on the road to bring services to women out in the community

14,977 Paid Staff (25 percent of whom are licensed medical professionals)

53,855 Volunteers (12 percent of whom are licensed medical professionals)

10,215 licensed medical professionals involved as pregnancy center workers (paid staff and volunteers combined)

The centers not only need more funding so they can continue to provide these services and more, but they’re also under constant attack by the hard left who attempt to shut them down so that more women will be coaxed and pressured into having abortions instead. They need financial assistance to fight battles on multiple fronts while still providing integral care to women and their babies.

So my idea is this; Musk should sign the t-shirts and sell them off then turn around and hand that money to crisis pregnancy centers.

Guaranteed, people will line up to buy these shirts without a second thought. They could be auctioned off if there is a limited supply, raking in even more cash for them than they would normally go for. People will want to be in on the joke and have what will become a piece of history, like spoils from a long-fought-for victory.

Not only will Musk look like a hero to mothers and pregnancy centers everywhere, but he’ll be assisting with helping the population grow instead of shrinking. He’ll have infused a bit more power into the places that would encourage mother and baby to thrive, staving off population collapse and helping people along the way.

If you like this idea, tweet this article at Elon so it gets his attention. I think this is a perfect way to help women and babies in need.

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