Elon Musk Teaches Leftwing Activists That Actions Have Consequences

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If owning the libs was a sport, Elon Musk would be competing for a national championship. The billionaire, who had never even voted for a Republican until recently, has been forced into an adversarial relationship with the left simply for supporting the basic principle of free speech.

Yet, despite their vitriol, Musk did attempt to offer them an olive branch shortly after completing his deal to buy Twitter. Early on, much to the chagrin of conservatives, he set up a “content moderation council” that was supposed to meet and decide just how free the speech on the social media site would be. Those present on the council included the ADL and the NAACP.

Just weeks later, Musk dissolved the council, though. He then held a public poll which eventually led to Donald Trump’s account being reinstated. That sent Jonathan Greenblatt, the leftwing hack who heads the ADL, on a Twitter rampage.

The arrogance of Greenblatt asking “is it time for Twitter to go,” as if he has any say whatsoever in the matter, is just incredible. What’s more incredible is that these clownish activist groups truly believe they are immune from the consequences of their actions because, on Tuesday, Musk revealed why he booted the ADL and others to the curb.

When Musk originally met with the ADL, the NAACP, and the other far-left entities on the now-disbanded council, he did so with the understanding that they would try to work with him. Instead, the ADL and NAACP took to Twitter less than a day later to call for advertisers to boycott the company. As I argued at the time, Musk’s attempt to bend the knee had backfired and would be a teaching moment, and it appears he’s a fast learner.

The decision to tell the activists to kick rocks is the right one. If Greenblatt wanted a seat at the table, he shouldn’t have tried to set the table on fire. These left-wing groups have been so used to dictating that they don’t know how to respond when their power is diminished. It’s actually pathetic to watch them whine and complain when they took a bat to their own kneecaps.

In the end, I’m glad they did, though. The last thing Twitter needed was the ADL and NAACP to decide what is acceptable to say and what is not. That they overplayed their hand is a win for free speech. Hopefully, Musk won’t even entertain empowering these illiberal activists in the future. They deserve to be sidelined, not elevated.

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