‘Democrats Win When They Lie’: Ted Cruz Issues Dire Warning About Georgia Runoff

Ted Cruz has been spending a lot of time in Georgia lately, hoping to help fellow Republican Herschel Walker win his Senate runoff election against Raphael Warnock. A win by Walker would keep the Senate at its current 50-50 party split, with power sharing divided between the two parties (and the tiebreaker vote being given to Kamala Harris). A win by Warnock shifts the power differential in the Democrats’ favor, 51-49.

According to Senator Cruz, there’s a lot riding on that one vote that’s still to be decided. In speaking with Fox News, he said:

“If the Democrats win here, Joe Biden can quickly fill the federal courts with radicals, with radicals who would take away your liberties and mine, who would take away your rights to religious liberty, your rights to free speech, your Second Amendment rights. It also puts us incredibly close to [Senate Majority Leader] Chuck Schumer being able to end the filibuster.”

Filibusters are used by both parties to delay voting on pending legislation; it takes 60 votes to end a filibuster and send a bill for a full vote by the Senate. To date, Democrats Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema have opposed ending the filibuster, but a 51-49 split may give Majority Leader Chuck Schumer the leverage he needs to pull them into the fold. Manchin is facing a tough reelection bid in 2024, so he may need to get into the good graces of his party in order to take advantage of their fundraising prowess.

Here’s the laundry list of things that could happen if the filibuster is ended, per Ted Cruz:

“Here’s what the Democrats want to do if they end the filibuster: They want to strike down every voter integrity law in America, strike down every photo ID law in America, legalize ballot harvesting all across America, register millions of illegal aliens to vote all across America, register millions of felons and criminals to vote all across America,” he said.

“They also want to make D.C. a state to have two new Democrat senators, and they want to register and make citizens millions of illegal aliens. They want to do all of that so that Democrats stay in power forever because their priority is power,” he added.

In short, the Democrats could pass an astonishingly radical slate of bills designed to further erode the rule of law in America and, of course, keep themselves in power. And then there are the courts. Democrats are still irate that Donald Trump was able to put three conservatives on the Supreme Court, and they’re looking for payback. Packing the Supreme Court and installing progressives in other judicial positions nationwide is just the beginning.

“Georgia matters,” says Ted Cruz. There’s a lot at stake, and the best case scenario for Republicans is that they use the runoff race to take the lessons learned from the midterms and join together with a common purpose: stopping Democrats. We’re on a collision course with the 2024 presidential election, and the Peach State is just the opportunity they need to enact a course correction.

You can watch more of Ted Cruz’s thoughts on the runoff here:

The Georgia Senate runoff election takes place December 6; early voting begins November 26 and runs through December 2.

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