WH Flails Desperately Over Joe Biden’s Involvement in Hunter’s Foreign Biz Dealings

We’ve been covering the questions regarding Hunter Biden, the laptop, the foreign business dealings, and what it all has to do with Joe Biden for more than two years now. We saw CBS finally get around to acknowledging that the laptop was real, catching up to us after two years. But as we noted, it means it’s getting harder for them to spin away from the truth now.

My colleague Streiff thinks that it might be an intentional effort to let Joe Biden know what he’s going to be hit with if he doesn’t step aside for another Democrat in 2024. Could be, you know that there has to be furious jockeying behind the scenes as to “how to solve a problem like Joe.”

It’s pretty hard to argue away the pictures of Joe Biden meeting with Hunter’s business associates, Tony Bobulinski outlining Joe’s proposed 10 percent to the Chinese-connected company, the millions that the Biden family got through the foreign business dealings, and the conflation on monies between Hunter and Joe Biden.

As we reported, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) — who will likely be in charge of the House Oversight Committee in the upcoming new Congress — came through on his promise to the American people. He announced that there would be a House investigation into Joe Biden and if he had been compromised by those foreign connections.

That prompted more questions to the White House and what Joe Biden had to say about all of this. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s answer has to rank up there with her worst efforts ever, she can’t get a straight answer out there.

“Can you address whether the President was involved in any of his son Hunter or his brother’s foreign business dealings?” the reporter asked. Jean-Pierre’s answer was just an incoherent mess, “So look, I, you know, um, there’s some, a little bit of, uh, interesting, uh, you know, kind of, on brand, uh, thinking here.” She then tried to deflect, saying Republicans weren’t addressing inflation as they promised they would.

Jean-Pierre continued:

“They’re not coming up with solutions on how we’re going to lower costs for Amer- — for American families. They’re not coming up with solutions as to how are we dealing with, uh, uh, issues that matter the most to American families.” Then she began posturing about how the American people don’t really want the Biden crime family investigated: “Look, the midterm elections were very clear. They were very clear where Americans said they wanted us to deal with real issues. They wanted us to deal with what we were seeing with democracy. They wanted us to deal with how are we going to fight for freedoms and for rights of the American people.”

First, Democrats lost the House. That’s not an endorsement of their lies.

Second, what utter gall from Jean-Pierre. You’re going to scold the GOP? It isn’t the GOP that created this problem, it’s you guys. How about you outline what you are going to do to solve the problem that you created? Because nothing you claim to have done has done much of anything.

But it looks like she’s just content to lie about the GOP or doesn’t understand that you can do more than one thing at a time in Congress.

Finally, Jean-Pierre’s bumbling words are all a deflection. Notice she avoids answering the question about Joe Biden’s involvement. That’s because she can’t argue it away. Joe Biden has been lying his head off about it for more than two years now. In a new campaign for 2024, with a record of failure, Joe isn’t going to be able to escape all the truth in the future.

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