Never Trump George Conway Throws a Twitter Fit, but Elon Dunks Those Predicting Twitter Death

One of the things that has been very funny about Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has been the liberals breaking down and threatening to leave. Of course, that’s a bit like them saying that they were going to go to Canada if President Donald Trump won. Somehow that never materialized because they were all hypocrites.

While some have fled to try out other sites like Mastodon, they’re finding out that the pastures are not greener over there and that isn’t a real substitute.

What they want is an echo chamber, but life isn’t like that, which shows how much they’re living in an unreality bubble.

One who claimed he was leaving was Never Trumper George Conway. He made this big pronouncement a couple of days ago.

“I think we are seeing a sickness here that may be even worse in some respects than what we’ve seen over the last several years, which I didn’t think was possible,” Conway proclaimed. “I think we’re pretty much done here. See you elsewhere. Love you all (with previously specified exceptions).”

It was such a weighty thought for Conway, he even edited it. Now that sure sounds like an “adios” if I ever heard one.

What’s the “sickness”? Not being able to deal with views other than your own? Throwing tantrums if your side no longer controls the platform?

But hypocrites being hypocrites, let’s check in with George since he made that grand pronouncement two days ago.

He’s made twenty posts, all trying to promote his posts on another site called Post. So typically for George, he doesn’t stand by his convictions and he’s promoting some other site while on Twitter. Sort of like claiming to be a Republican while doing all you can to help Democrats.

But as some flee, some stay throwing tantrums, and we laugh, Twitter is becoming fun and the usage keeps going up. Elon Musk mocked CBS for fleeing and then coming crawling back. Musk has also said that Twitter is hitting records for use, that they “added 1.6M daily active users this past week, another all-time high.”

So if liberals think that fleeing is somehow going to hurt Twitter or anyone is going to miss them, it sounds like they have another thing coming.

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