MSNBC Panel Gives a Preview of the Left’s Strategy to Shut Down Debate on Sexualizing Children

Late Saturday night, a gunman identified as 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich opened fire in an LGBT-oriented nightclub in Colorado Springs; see A Shooting in a Colorado LGBT Club Leaves 5 Dead and 18 Injured, but It Gives Progressives the Chance to Say ‘Stochastic Terrorism.’

For such a highly visible shooting, we’ve been told very little about it. Some of what we were told seems to be contradictory. For instance, the first reports said the shooter used a “long gun.” From that phraseology, we can infer it was not a “scary black rifle.” But the first-person account of the man credited with stopping the shooter says Aldrich was using a handgun. Everyone is yelling that this was a “hate crime,” but as of yet, there has been zero evidence of that presented. That hasn’t stopped the fascists on the left from springing into action.

Yesterday, a well-known practitioner of “vigilante journalism,” NBC’s Brandy Zadrozny, leaped into action to blame the Twitter account @libsoftiktok; see Vigilante ‘Journalist’ Blames Libs of TikTok and Tucker Carlson for Colorado Mass Shooting. According to Zadrozny, showing these people expressing themselves in their own words without commentary led to the shooting. (According to our sister site, Twitchy, she has since tried to walk that allegation back but with very little success.)

Monday night was pretty much a freak-fest on MSNBC as Nicolle Wallace’s panel all agreed that if you spoke out against sexual perversion and the sexual grooming of children, you, in the words of Michigan state Senator Mallory McMorrow — because you always need an obscure state legislator from a totally unrelated state and region to talk about any shooting — “can’t take part in this continued onslaught of words against the LGBTQ community and not look at this and have blood on your hands.”

The most obscene was former FBI goon Frank Figliuzzi who looks disturbingly like a claymation action figure gone horribly wrong.

It is it about instilling fear, and the correct response for the rest of us is to step up and push back right at them. So it’s hatred. It’s clinging to weapons. It’s ignorance of the other, demonizing the other. We said this over and over again. But strategically, what appears to be happening is they want to deny people the safe haven and safe harbor, whether we’re talking about kids in school feeling unsafe because of guns. Black churches feeling like they are going to get shot up, like at a Bible study that’s happened in South Carolina. Whether it’s synagogues, whether it’s the gay club on a weekend night, there seems to be a concerted effort to not only instill fear but deny the safe places.

We need to see accountability and consequences. So first, a real quick hate crime charge here on top of the homicide charges. I applaud that. [START Clip] That tells me prosecutors and police, they found quickly what they needed. That means they know this was a bias crime. This is likely since we’ve heard reports that the subject isn’t cooperative with police, that means they likely found clearly and convincing evidence on his devices. If he’s a consumer of the people we just rattled off, from Lauren Boebert to Tucker Carlson. Let’s get it out. Let’s get it out at trial. Let’s expose it for what it is, name it, and shame it. He. is a consumer of these people, and those people should face civil consequences from the victims.

The other thing they want to deny is not only the safe harbor but the way we resolve this. By that, I mean you asked earlier how do we put a stop to hate. One of the things you would normally do is teach young children in school, here’s what race is about. Here’s what these other people over here, who may seem different to you, they have a different orientation. But increasingly, states are saying, no, no, no, you can’t talk about race, say the word gay or teach anything in school.

The segment is below. Unfortunately, Figliuzzi’s diatribe is truncated. The part missing from this clip is in italics. If you want the full segment, you can listen to it on Grabien,  but with annoying audio watermarks.

My colleague, Brad Slager, who catalogs this stuff, says that blaming free speech for the shooting is endemic.

As I pointed out in my post on Sunday, the anti-gunners have been confined to the overhead luggage bin in politicizing this disaster. The stormtroopers, this time, will be the “regulated free speech” bozos who claim that anyone voicing an opinion they don’t like is literally and legally terrorism.

This is a sign of fear. Once the light of truth hit what is happening in our schools and libraries regarding normalizing transgenderism, pedophilia, and mixing drag queens with young kids, the public outcry halted the insidious spread of this evil. They know that if we can openly discuss this crap, only the insane will be left to support it. Their only alternative is to ban all discussions of this perversion so it can advance without organized opposition.

Make no mistake about it; this debate is about the ability of parents to prevent public institutions from sexually grooming their kids. No one has ever objected to “drag queens” performing for adult audiences. Contrary to what Conservative Pope and War Veteran David French says, drag queen story hours are not “a blessing of liberty.” Rather it demonstrates quite clearly that in the absence of morality, liberty is just an excuse for licentiousness.

The second part of the coming strategy was predicated by Morrow and amplified by Figliuzzi. They intend to begin harassing vocal opponents of grooming children with nuisance lawsuits. They know they won’t prevail because opposing sexual perversion and the sexualizing of young kids is not a crime. But prevailing isn’t the point. The process is the punishment. While someone with the personal wealth to sustain such an onslaught, like Tucker Carlson, will survive, the target is you and me. They want us to be afraid to speak or write on this issue of existential importance to our culture because we can’t afford the fight.

By the way, all you guys who cheered when Alex Jones was ordered to pay out nearly a billion dollars for dumbf***ery, I hope you’re happy.

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