As the Dark Brandon signal beams into the night sky, Biden readies for battle

Politico is calling it the “Dark Brandon mythologythis morning – what a hoot.

The Dark Brandon mythology may only be just beginning.

With Republicans narrowly taking control of the House, and Donald Trump announcing another presidential bid, President Joe Biden and aides are moving with speed to counter an anticipated barrage of right-wing attacks.

Whatever they choose to wrap him in, Biden is in for the bumpy ride of his life. All the Marvel-ish cartoons of him won’t change what folks see on video every time he opens his mouth, or wanders, lost, off a stage in public. That doesn’t mean the enfants terribles running the actual day-to-day White House operations haven’t found its inherent fantasy tremendously appealing. Take these two cute kids, for instance. Andrew Bates is WH deputy press secretary and special assistant to the president, while his new bride is a senior adviser in the Bureau of Global Public Affairs at the State Department. They jumped all over Dark Brandon when the fever dream emerged this past August.

…[Chinese artist] Yang’s images were shared by, among others, White House aides, Sen. CHRIS MURPHY (D-Conn.), the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, and thousands of Biden fans celebrating several of the president’s legislative objectives passing through Congress.One administration official turned an illustration — of Biden’s yellow eyes aglow — into the cover photo on their personal Twitter account.

Far from the portrayal Yang set out to create, it’s been fashioned into a boast, depicting Biden playing five-dimensional chess, a master of the political dark arts.

“‘Dark Brandon’ is the Malevolent kind of Biden we need,” wrote Mel Magazine last month.

I sure hope they got a little kick out of it, but if that’s what they’re using as motivation for their defensive stra-tee-gery against the incoming Republican majority? Yoicks.

The first part of the WH gaming to fend off what’s coming is diversionary. They’re going to try – frankly, have already begun – to paint Marjorie Taylor Green as the face of the Republican party and the real power behind the Speaker’s throne.

…They’re buoyed by Democrats’ surprising resilience in the midterms and note that, already, Biden has been laying the groundwork by elevating the likes of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), a lawmaker who not too long ago they preferred ignoring but now increasingly see as a useful foil. The theory among several Biden aides and close White House allies is that the unending scrutiny [of Biden] will backfire and come to be seen purely as partisan overreach.

Having shameless Shifty Schiff as message boy on this bit of gaslighting is a particularly nice touch, no? (It’s hard to pick a more despised mouthpiece – him or Swalwell – but jeeps.) Surely someone else was available? There are two glaring problems with this angle of attack right off the bat.

The first is that no sane person – mind you, this messaging is supposed to be going out to all Americans – thinks MTG is the face of the GOP. Trump aside, arguably Ron DeSantis is the poster boy for who we are and where we want to be. The conundrum with them making a federal case over MTG is that, while she very often steps in it, just as often she’s the only one talking about things the Biden administration would prefer left under a rock. For example, her crusade to get into the D.C. jail to visit January 6 defendants and expose the ghastly conditions there was a tour de force of plain old-fashioned bullheadedness. What a hue and cry of outrage resulted. I know Dems think they’ve got this demonization thing nailed, but it’ll be lovely when it bites them in the tookus.

The second problem with this approach? Their assumption that Americans will see the nascent investigations into Biden as “partisan overreach.” People saw the unending investigations of Trump as more than partisan overreach, indeed as veritable witchhunts, because they started well before the man was even elected and have continued to this day…

…with damn near every one of them being fraudulent on their face.

RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!!! It has been the very definition of partisan overreach. At least some people lost their jobs for it. It’s been its own criminal conspiracy at the highest levels of our government. People need to go to jail.

Joe Biden, OTOH? Nobody’s been allowed to hear anything about Joe Biden. In fact, so little information has been permitted to burble to the top, that when voters were polled post-2020 election, a good deal of the responses, if they weren’t “what laptop,” were absolutely furious when they found out it had, indeed, been authenticated before the election. A clear majority indicated they thought the story was very important. National media had thought so, too, but handled it a tad differently.

Vaunted CBS News themselves, slumbering for two long years under a tree in the Catskills, JUST WOKE UP to find out that the Hunter Biden laptop story they’d ruthlessly crushed prior to the 2020 election because Russians/disinformation/unverified/TRUMP was…real?

No, there is zero chance of any of these investigations becoming too partisan for the American public. Unless one read the NY Post’s magnificent reporting, has watched Tucker Carlson routinely, or kept up with conservative sites in the know, the vast majority of folks have no idea who and how credible Tony Bobulinki is. The fact that Biden’s treasury department is holding over 150 fraud alerts generated by Hunter’s financial activities and refuses to release them based on a new interpretation of a treasury rule (Conveniently an interpretation adapted when Biden took office.).

The U.S. Treasury on Friday issued a formal response to a Republican lawmaker who has been requesting financial “suspicious activity reports” on President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, saying that it would consider only official requests from relevant congressional committees.

Democrats control Congress and its committees, making such a request from Republicans virtually impossible, though mid-term congressional elections could shift control. The request to Treasury was made under the Bank Secrecy Act which is intended to help prevent money laundering.

Representative James Comer of Kentucky, the top Republican on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, has accused the Treasury of changing rules to shield Hunter Biden’s business dealings with foreign companies.

There is so much skullduggery to be uncovered and so much Biden crime family dirty dealing to be revealed, there’s little hope for Dems that the American people are going to feel like anyone is picking on poor Joe Biden. Little hope that the majority of voters watching aren’t going to be mesmerized by the facts in evidence – as opposed to Trumpist conspiracy fantasies – that these committees are going to tee up. They are also in a panic, thanks to Elon Musk. One of their foremost effective organs for crushing the dissemination of information has been released from bondage. At long last, the word is going to get out when the news starts flowing and people are going to have their eyes opened..

Thanks to the American media censorship blanket, they ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. It’s coming.



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