ZERO Dissent: NPR, PBS Air Totally One-Sided Interviews with New Trans Legislators

The leftists who make endless propaganda with our tax money have laid out a plush red carpet for newly elected bisexual transgender radicals in state legislatures. On Thursday, NPR’s All Things Considered typically failed to consult an opposing point of view in a tenderly promotional eight-minute interview with Zooey Zephyr of Montana and James Roesener of New Hampshire.

Anchor Ailsa Chang set up Zephyr to assert that Republicans are causing trans suicides:

CHANG: Well, let me ask you because, you know, right-wing politicians and even some in the mainstream GOP have been targeting trans people. Like, the newly reelected governor in Iowa, Kim Reynolds, she ran a campaign ad this cycle saying that Iowans know the difference between boys from girls. [Horrors!] What do you make of the fact that this kind of rhetoric has been so prevalent from Republican politicians, people who will very likely become some of your colleagues?

ZEPHYR: The first thing I think of is the direct impact it has on trans people and those who love them. When Montana passed its anti-trans legislation, I had friends leave the state. I had friends end their lives. And that is the immediate impact of these types of bills.

They always stoop to arguing for an end to any opposition, claiming “you’re killing us!” Chang could only pose the conservative view as cruel, and no rebuttal was considered.

This was a question: “Well, despite there being a fair amount of legislation out there that you find deeply hurtful, deeply disturbing, there has been a record number of LGBTQ candidates running for office during these midterms. And I just want to know, what does that signal to both of you?” Roesener boasted that after “all of this homophobic and transphobic and bigoted rhetoric that’s been flowing in our system for, you know, a little bit now, we are taking our power back.”

Roesener’s number-one issue is abortion on demand, since there’s that fear of becoming a “pregnant person.”

This one-sided claptrap also happened on the PBS NewsHour on November 11. Laura Barron Lopez mangled plain English by claiming Montana had “a bill that blocked trans girls and women from playing in sports.” She lamented there are “already some pre-filed anti-trans bills, one in particular that would restrict transgender surgery on minors.”

Lopez painted Republicans as liars: “a number of Republican candidates that have falsely accused LGBTQ teachers of — quote — “trying to groom students,” as well as there was a New Hampshire Republican candidate that lost, but said falsely that teachers were trying to put litter boxes in classes, so students could identify as cats, and also accusing Democrats of trying to put drag queens in every classroom.”

Blatantly one-sided segments like these are brought to you by….you, the American taxpayers.



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