UN Climate Summit Wants Climate Green Indoctrination in Schools

Start ‘em young I guess.

The left is after our kids in more ways than you may think. Their latest idea is to indoctrinate kids and turn them into them into little climate activists. 

Government officials, world leaders, and other climate alarmists congregated in Egypt for the United Nations climate change summit.  According to The New American, at the meeting it was made clear that the “seed” that was needed to prevent climate change was “education.”

In layman’s terms, let’s start teaching kids about climate change when they’re young so that by the time they’re older, they’re full-on climate alarmists. 

The left is shoving “climate this” and “climate that” down all our throats. Kids are half indoctrinated already. 

As The New American noted, “Indeed, propagandizing students throughout their many years captive in government schools is seen by governments and the UN as crucial to the overall agenda to restructure civilization under the guise of ‘climate change’ and ‘sustainable development.’”

Yup. That pretty much sums it up. 

As anybody with school-age kids knows, educators are already on board with the push. A global federation of teachers’ unions representing over 32 million educators is “totally open” about its plans to force kids to become climate activists. 

“Education is a powerful tool to support both mitigation and adaption efforts and should be recognized as such at COP 27,” the coalition reportedly claimed. 

Anyone in their right mind can recognize that this IS the definition of indoctrination.

In the U.S., public education already does a mostly lousy job teaching kids to read and write. Another distraction for the core mission of giving them the tools to succeed in life is the last thing we need. 

“Climate action starts in our classrooms,” Education International General Secretary David Edwards said. “Our teach for the planet campaign advocates for the key role education has to play in addressing the climate crisis. The world needs quality climate education.” 

Actually, the world needs kids who can think critically about a political and social agenda disguised as science and conveyed as crisis. The fact that these “leaders” are so clear about their anti-kid agenda is disheartening but unsurprising.

Public schools are screwed these days. Whether its the Critical Race Theory telling them about  “innate racism,” the sexually explicit books that are not only allowed but encouraged in school libraries, the Black Lives Matter flags that hang over classroom doors or the LGBTQ/gender-identity lessons, our kids learning less of what they need and more of what the left wants them to believe. This “climate” plan is just another testament to that. 

I’ll end with a great line from The New American who said the quiet part out loud regarding the left’s agenda. 

The totalitarian forces peddling the “climate crisis” narrative know that well-educated people who understand the scientific method will not join the cult, and so, they are targeting impressionable children around the world who do not know better. It is imperative that children be protected from these would-be brainwashers.



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